Monday, May 24, 2010

Anything else to CELEBRATE?

Whew!  This weekend was a busy one!  Get ready to hear about some serious parties! 
Friday, we went to Sarah and Ty's wedding reception in Sikeston...which was absolutely gorgeous!  The reception was at Ty's parent's lake that had a cool underwater patio, a hillbilly yacht, 300 scattered roses, amazing bride/groom images draped everywhere, glowing lanterns, yummy food, and a smores table that was scrumptious!  I didn't bring my camera (what was I thinking!), but I will try to get some pictures from Sheri soon.  It was so fun!

Saturday, my day started when Jason left to run with Bro. Mark about 6:30 a.m.  I planned a surprise party for his 30th birthday and our friends were going to be arriving at our house at noon.  I needed to get a few things done before Ansley got up, so I drug myself out of bed.  I'm glad I did!  There was quite a bit to get ready, but it was all worth it!  It turns out Jason was not on to us until he saw Uncle Dave's truck, Agatha's van, and Alex's truck, all parked at our neighbor's house....he quickly caught on.  UGH!  I can never surprise him fully!  But it was still a good time!  It was nice to celebrate his 30 years of life with our closest family and friends over a delicious lunch.  Then, it was off to Blodgett for laser tag with Ryan and Whitney and the Ewasko's.  Now, that was fun (even if we were the only adults in the entire place)!  We can't wait to go back!  Next time we won't let Ryan scare the little kids :). 

Ryan and Whit
The Pinkels
Jansen was out!
Tickling Ansley
Lounging on the deck
The Bakers

(Unfortunately, I missed getting everyone's picture that was in attendance)

Saturday evening after the party and laser tag, Jason, Ansley, and I went to Devon and Jodi's wedding reception in Marble Hill.  It was also a beautiful reception and more yummy food...the chocolate fountain was my favorite!

Sunday, we had a great church service (Mrs. Cathy sang) and we heard the second installment of a wonderful sermon series on marriage by Bro. Mark.  Afterwards, we ate lunch at O'Charley's with the Bandermanns(R & W), Ewaskos, and Pinkels.  Then, we went home for a short nap and then headed out to Matt's graduation party. 

WOW!  Can we squeeze anymore stuff in one weekend...uhh, probably not! 

Hope you all had a good one!

Guess Who's Walking?!

That's right....we have a walker!  Little Miss Thang is slowly but surely walking herself around this big world, one small, wobbly, step at a time.  She isn't completely in love with the idea of walking by herself all of the time, but she knows that she can.  And the hilarious part is that she likes to clap for herself with every step!  She grins from ear to ear and squeals with excitement at her new accomplishment!  Her first deliberate steps were taken on May 16th, with our friends in attendance (Ryan, Whit, Kristi, and Matt).  Here's the video of the big steps!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Amy's Wedded Bliss!

My co-worker, Amy got married on Saturday!  Woo Hoo!  Amy and Jesse's day was beautiful and you could definitely feel the love they have for one another...they are so cute!  They also had many things for the kids to do, which was very nice considering there was close to 20 little ones running around.  Ansley took full advantage!

Nichole helping the kiddos
Stacy and Owen!
The beautiful bride, Kelley, and Ansley
Kate trying to figure out how to blow sweet!
Ansley loved the party favors, this necklace is our new accessory!
Jason tellling Ansley about the ducks
I don't like this trick.

 Congrats to Amy and Jesse!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Tale of Two Turkey Hunters

Well, Jason finally persuaded me to go turkey hunting with him this year and it was definitely worth all of his begging!  No, I did not kill a turkey.  I actually missed a HOG, as Jason would put it!  Regardless, the excitement of all my hunts and the time spent with Jason was incredible!  I am hooked!  I went three times this season (in a "luxury" blind) and I can't wait for next year!  I's odd.    I now understand Jason and my family's love for the hunt! 

1st hunt: Missed a BIG turkey at 15 yds.  Ugh!
2nd hunt: Heard absolutely nothing, but loved the sound of the wind in the trees!
3rd hunt: Heard several gobblers, but no luck.  A hen flew right in front of us and went straight to the gobbler.  We missed out on the action, if you know what I mean!
Here is a picture of our 4 a.m. hunt.  I know...crazy!
Ugh..awful picture.  We only took it for proof.

When I was browsing through pictures I found this gem.  This is my brother, Jason, my dad and our dog, Alleigh.  I love this picture...I want to frame it somewhere!  They love being in freezing cold water when it's 15 degrees out.  They are obsessed with the hunt...this one is for ducks. 

Happy Saturday!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Wonderful 1st Mother's Day!

My first Mother's day was a great one!  I was able to spend it with my two favorite people...Jason and Ansley.  It was also nice to be able to spend the day with my own mom and Jason's mom...two people that mean the world to both Jason and I.   It was an all around good day with our families.

Our day started with a good study in Revelations (John's vision and God's and then we left early from church to make it to Marble Hill for lunch (I've learned in order to not be stressed, leave plenty of time for departure).  We ate lunch at my cousin's cabin with my family at noon and then over to Jason's aunt's house with his family for dinner.  It was a full day, but so fun!

And my Mother's Day present from Jason?  A computer!!  Yay!!  He gave it to me early, but it was a complete shock that he would even THINK of getting me one!  He knows just how much I love to scrapbook our family life on this blog, so he felt it was important I had a laptop!  I know...he's a good little hubby!

So sweet!

And the rest of our day in pictures:

It was chilly AND sunny!
Jen and Taylor
Uncle Jim and sleepy Ansley
The family lounging on the dock
Jason's grandma (G.G.)
Cousin Matt and Ansley
She loves dogs!
And Pappaw
Riding on Uncle Ryan

 Aunt Whit
My new shades

Hope everyone had a happy Mother's Day!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Ansley Harper: 10 Months!

Another month of fun with our sweet little girl, Ansley Harper!  She is getting more and more personality everyday and it's so exciting to see the changes in her!

This is what's going on this month:

*You are clapping on your own!  You love your new skill and think it's so fun!

*We are finally keeping shoes on your feet...whew!  We thought we'd never be able to keep those feet covered!

*You love to walk!  With help that is....and you giggle the entire time!  However, you have officially worn all of us out with your love for walking!

*You have 6.5 teeth!  They seem to be coming in daily!

*We are still nursing...however, the end is near!

*You are liking baby food more and more these days.  And we are slowly introducing table seem to like it!

*We celebrated Uncle Kyle's birthday at Texas Roadhouse.  You and Jansen entertained the whole evening!

*You are very agile...your sitting and standing is top-notch.  You are also very cautious and we think you are starting to understand the word "no".

*You are so flexible!  Mommy is hoping this continues for all your future skating endeavors.

*You like to use your always look like you're trying to get us to understand something really important.

*You like to click your tongue. 

*Your newest trick is done on your booty.  You like to scoot in circles.  It's hilarious!

*You love to sit on your knees!  This is your favorite toy playing position.

Ansley, when we think of you our hearts are filled with joy!  You are one of our most favorite earthly prizes!  We are so thankful for the sweet little spirit that you already are and can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for you!