Monday, October 31, 2011

The Princesses and a BIG Halloween Bash!

My friend Ashley had 3 extra tickets for the Disney Princess Show this weekend and she offered them to us.  Yay!  I'm so glad she did!  I didn't even realize that this particular show was coming to town, but I'm so glad that it worked out that we could go.  Ansley loved it.  She loves Snow White (hence the Snow White costume) and apparently Evy Kate does too.  They both showed up looking precious in their Snow White dresses.  
It's always entertaining to try and get a picture of 2 very busy girls.  Evy's surprised face is priceless and Ansley's full-mouth smile is hilarious!
This is where she sat for most of the show...Daddy protected her from the wicked Queens. 
Snow White and the Dwarfs were a hit with Ansley. 
Attempt #500 at another picture of the two of them. Ha! 
Ashley and Evy posing so adorably for the camera 
Our little family. Can her smile get any cuter?! :)

Next up that evening....Bohnert/Bingaman Halloween Party!  I've never seen anyone go to this extreme to decorate for Halloween!  They go all out.  Every year they have several themes, this year it was Egyptian mummies and a mad scientist lab.  Lucas builds most everything and he starts getting the props together about July every year.  Now that's serious. 
Here's a pic of the mad scientist
Here's the Bohnert/Bingaman crew in their Halloween costumes.  Scary!!
  Ansley looks unhappy in this picture, but she really had a great time.  She loved the caramel apples, the candy that could be found everywhere, and all the food!
Please don't laugh at our costumes.  It was one of those times you just put on whatever costume you could find....Jason is Fletch, Ansley is Snow White and I'm...well, not sure.  Random, I know. 

Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 24, 2011


This is an early morning video that is too funny not to post.  At the time, I had NO clue what she was saying because she was saying it so fast, but after watching it again I get it!  She's saying, "you wanna go play with my mommy, my daddy, and my sissers? And my kitty cat?"

I absolutely LOVE when she purses her lips and is looking for a response from me!  How cute are those puckered lips?!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pioneer Days and MOPS Day Out

Today we went to Pioneer Orchard with my MOPS group and had such a great morning!  We went on a tractor ride through the orchard, pet the goats and rabbits, played in the sandbox, drank some yummy apple cider/ate a big red apple, picked out the perfect pumpkin, and watched Johnny Appleseed. Ansley and I had a blast!  Her favorite part by far would be the sandbox and the apple eating.  This girl ate 2! Other than little Nathan getting horned by a goat that had jumped the fence....yes, you heard me right....thank goodness it didn't do any major damage!  This little incident just scared all the kids and the mommies, especially Kendra and little Nathan!  But all was good and the fun continued!
Ansley on the tractor ride 

Ansley petting the cute rabbits 
"Mom, can I get in the sandbox?" 
As you can see, I gave in.  I'm glad I did...she loved it! 
She was obsessed with filling the dumptruck up with sand 
Here's our favorite pumpkin and Ansley digging into that delicious apple! 
Cider time...she was drinking it so nicely 
Roman loved it!
Johnny Appleseed and another apple....she just couldn't get enough.  She should do a commercial for Pioneer Orchard! 

A couple of weeks ago, we visited Pioneer Orchard during their "Harvest Days". We went with the Bandermann's and the Ewasko's and had a really great time.  The kids loved all the activities and all of us adults got to enjoy each other's company, which is always nice! :) 

This was an attempt to get Ansley and Brynn to smile at the camera.  As you can was a FAIL.
Ansley in the jump house 
Ansley's first apple, which turns out, she ate the entire apple....core and all! I know, we're good parents like that. 
A picture of the group 
We actually got to hold Ansley's hand through the hay maze.  This is big news, usually she's too busy for us!
We got some pretty exciting news from the Ewasko's...they're having baby #2!  Woo hoo! 
It's so great to have the Orchard just minutes away from our house, so we can enjoy these beautiful days of fall!

Friday, October 7, 2011

This is Just Too Precious for Words!

I caught Ansley praying in her bed yesterday with Beatrice her bunny.  I was watching her on the monitor and my heart absolutely melted!  She left a few people out that she usually prays for (baby Brynn is always on the list), but I think she did a pretty good job remembering for a 2 year old!

The best I can make it out, she is saying...."Beatrice, you wanna pray?" Dear Jesus, thank you for having a good day, thank you God for home, playing, tractor (we do have a lot of tractors around our house during harvest. Ha!), gonna eat," and then she starts listing family members.