Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Better Late than Never....Easter Weekend

We had a BIG Easter weekend!  My family from Pennsylvania came to visit and we had all kinds of fun festivities going on!  We stopped out at Harmony church for their annual Easter egg hunt and then enjoyed the weekend at the cabin with family for the most part.  We didn't get to see Jason's family (which I'm sad about), but there aren't many opportunities to see our PA family, so we had to take advantage.  
Jansen and Ansley on the hunt!
Charli was busy finding eggs too.  Of course, she stopped to eat more than she picked up!

The hunt was a success!  Lots of candy filled eggs for everyone!
The best part of about their egg hunt is the message that they explain before the hunt.  They go through the entire Easter story and tell what each Resurrection egg item means.  It's such a great learning experience for those who have never heard the good news and a wonderful refresher for those that have.  Ansley was so proud to give the correct answers to the lady that she turned her eggs in to.  She beamed with pride and the lady said...."wow, how old is she?!  I can't believe she got all of those right."  I had to agree with her.  There were some tough ones (the silver pieces which represented what Judas got for betraying Jesus) and I was shocked, yet proud, myself. :)
This girl didn't answer any questions, but man....she's cute!
The next day my family joined us at church for our Easter service and then we went to the cabin for lunch.  It was a great weekend and we were so excited to share it with our PA family.