Thursday, February 25, 2010

Getting Some Teefurs!

Ohhh...Ansley is about to get some teeth!  This little munchkin has been a touch on the fussy side, is chewing on everything, and snotty nosed.  I'm pretty sure those are the signs of some teething going on...not to mention, there is one lone tooth poking it's way through (barely).  How is it time for teeth already?  Tear :( 

Here are some random pictures from the last few days....
She found her binky and only wants to chew on it
Jason helping Ansley pull up
Love that little face...look real close...there's barely a bottom tooth
Cousins (Cassidy and Shelby) dropped by for a visit

Thursday, February 18, 2010

I heart Meredith Andrews!

I have been a fan of Meredith Andrews forever!  Well, about 2 years, but let's just say...she has a very special place in my heart!  This girl was definitely instrumental in changing me from a pop music radio listener to a christian music listener.  I know this sounds awful...yes, I usually listened to pop music, but I had listened to it all my life!  Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy listening to some pop music, but my heart has changed.  God really started convicting me about this about the time I discovered Meredith.  And KHIS.  God speaks to me through music and Meredith's songs are annointed.  That's the bottom line...God-breathed, God-inspired....annointed.  God taught me a lot through her music during some difficult times in my life.  I am forever grateful! what I had really planned to post was how awesome her concert was!  Can you believe that Bebo Norman and Meredith Andrews came to Jackson?  I'm so glad they did and I'm glad my friend Sheri told me about it!  I could have missed her completely...ugh...I would have been devastated.  But I didn't.  And thank you Lord, that I didn't.  It was an intimate setting at New McKendree church and both Meredith and Bebo were all acoustic.  How amazing it was.  It was like sitting in my living room with my friends listening to my favorite artist.  Incredible.  I am renewed!
Sorry I've bored you with this.  If you haven't heard Meredith's stuff...I encourage you to download it!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Ansley Harper: Month 7

Sweet little Ansley Harper we love you so much! You are 7 months and growing so big!  Here's what you've been up to these days.

*You have started babbling! It is so stinking cute! You say "da, da, da, da, ba, ba, ba", over and over again. It is so precious! Unfortunately, there's been no sign of ma ma ma, but I'm still holding out for it!

*You are starting to be a little clingy with mommy, which of course, I am LOVING!

*No crawling yet, but we've seen the beginnings of it. Life as we know it is about to change!

*You love to check yourself out in the mirror. It is adorable to see your sweet little face light up!

*We have finally started you on baby food (other than rice cereal) and it's confirmed, you are disgusted by it! But we will can't have milk and cereal the rest of your life :)

*We celebrated Pamaw's birthday this month at Muy Bueno and it was so yummy! You
made her birthday this year pretty special!

*The raspberry blowing has almost gotten out of hand, especially during meals. The rice usually flies, but your little smile makes up for the rice in our hair!

*You have started to "roll 'em up" when we pattycake, which is hysterical because you usually end up hitting yourself in the face. Your inability to control these movements have not stopped you from keep on rolling!

*You love it when we do "this little piggy". You laugh when they go wee, wee, wee, all the way home!

*We've found out you're pretty ticklish.

*You have definitely starting noticing strangers and can give some serious stares. We call it your "I just need to check you out" moments.

*You are finally getting some more hair. It's thicker AND longer...whew!

*You like to give hugs or loves and it just melts the heart of the receiver!

*You have started reaching out when you want to be is so sweet!

*You attended a baby shower for Kristi...little Alex will be here soon!

*You still love peek-a-boo with daddy and when he flies with you too!

*And I can't forget, you met one of the most important little friends in your life...Jansen Edward!  He was born on January 21st (Pamaw's birthday too) and he is so adorable!  You were amazed by him!

Ansley you are a precious gift and we love you!

Baby Food....ugh!

Remember how I mentioned in the Super Bowl post how funny it was to see Ansley eating her first bites of baby food.  Well, here it is on video.  For some reason the video gets fuzzy, but you get the picture.  How cute is she?

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Kristi's Shower part 2

No baby yet...just pictures from Kristi's shower. I posted some of the preparation, but none of the actual event. Kristi and Matt are good friends of ours and they are new to the area.  Their sweet family made the trip all the way from Louisiana! Here are some pictures from the day...Kristi got lots of goodies for baby Alex! Now, he needs to come and enjoy them all!

Alex's name was going to be Kermit, but instead he will just have a room with Kermit the frog

Kristi and her mom

She got lots of great presents
Ansley, Anna, and Pamaw
Kristi's cousins
Brandi and Emma

Superbowl: Better Late Than Never!

We had a small Superbowl party at the house. Nothing huge, just a few friends over to enjoy the game. Our friends that joined us were the Greene family (Mike, Brandi, Emma, and Andrew), Matt & Kristi, Jen & Taylor, and the little Bandermanns. There was fun had by all, especially when we fed Ansley her first bites of baby food. It was a riot! Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of everyone in attendance, but here are a few I got before the party died down.

Apparently there was a commercial that showed a martial art star Dorito flying into someone's neck?
Poor Ansley

Friday, February 5, 2010

Rock and Roll Superstar!

Here is Ansley last night rocking and is absolutely hysterical! I guess crawling will be coming soon!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Baby A and Baby J

Hey you want to play pattycake?

Guess not.

Snow Bunny

Ansley wasn't quite sure about the snow this time around...she decided to just keep her little hands out of it.  All she was interested in was watching our chocolate lab, Alleigh run and frolic around her.  Yes, I used frolic (it seems appropriate).   It was getting dark, so the pictures aren't the best.  But notice how Ansley's arms and legs don't hardly move at all.  She was like a little cherub statue.  The only thing that changed was her expression and of course, her eyes followed Alleigh everywhere.  Hilarious.  Maybe her snowsuit was too bulky?

Our Pennsylvania Allegheny Mountain lab, Alleigh
She's still laughing at Alleigh
Giving her a taste of snow
Not sure...
Daddy and a frozen Ansley