Wednesday, November 12, 2014

For the love of soccer.....

Ansley wanted to play fall soccer again this year, so we signed her up.  We were a little reluctant about this decision, knowing that Hollyn would be arriving in the middle of it all, but we're pretty much a bunch of push we did it. :)  Little did we know, our little soccer player would be asked to be on the All-Star team.  Don't get me wrong....she is a good little player, but All-Stars?!  We were just a touch confused, but we went with it!  So a 4 week recreational soccer schedule turned into another 4 week soccer adventure.  The tournaments were in Jackson, Perryville, Sikeston, and Cape.  Apparently....none of us wanted to get off the soccer train.  :/ After it is now all said and done, I'm glad we did it!  Ansley had fun and we met a lot of new parents that are lots of fun and just about as competitive as Jason and I are.  Ha!  
These are some of my favorites from rec soccer and All-Stars
     photo IMG_a6815_zpsd6824d19.jpg  photo IMG_a6819_zps6b2d51bc.jpg
Ansley usually played goalie for half of the game and then either forward or fullback for the rest photo IMG_a6850_zpsee252944.jpg
This was one of her spider monkey moves.  Ouch!
 photo IMG_a6852_zps1488da08.jpg
Ansley's friend, Lynlee after rec
 photo IMG_a6862_zps325a8c77.jpg
Macy is Ansley's friend from school.  This is who we all called Grace for the first week of school....Ansley was a little confused. Ha!
 photo IMG_a6865_zpse25e0f58.jpg
Look at that form!
 photo IMG_a6821_zps6d4ba2bb.jpg
I want the ball please!
 photo IMG_a6828_zps3927f4de.jpg
Our next soccer star :)
 photo IMG_a6838_zps67f21b97.jpg  photo IMG_a6861_zpsc6732ce5.jpg
Ansley waiting to play and Daddy there to "cheer" her on.  The Sikeston folks called Jason a goal coach. Ha!
 photo IMG_a5859_zps21e63fd3.jpg
One perk....trophies at every All-Star tournament
 photo IMG_5947_zpsd66270b4.jpg
 photo IMG_a7131-1_zps04d44a42.jpg
That tongue!
 photo IMG_a7132-1_zps1e958236.jpg  photo IMG_a7148-1_zps95fb82bd.jpg
I loved their little huddles
 photo IMG_a7153-1_zps754f0eb6.jpg  photo _MG_a7166-1_zps194cfc67.jpg
The tiny fan club!
 photo IMG_a5858_zps21a2d5b2.jpg
And part of the big fan club....Pam was in the car taking care of Hollyn (so she didn't freeze!), so unfortunately she didn't make the picture. 
 photo IMG_5872_zpsa7114a1c.jpg
Hollyn pooped through several outfits during the tournaments.....and it would always be RIGHT after I changed her diaper!  Unbelievable.
 photo IMG_5948_zpsa2cd3929.jpg
Sweet friends
 photo _MG_a7193_zps2427a965.jpg
And cookies afterwards!  Ansley's favorite part of soccer. :)
 photo _MG_a7179-1_zps4540ff52.jpg
End of the season team pictures.  It was such a fun time!
 photo _MG_a7185-1_zpsd02a9fca.jpg

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Hollyn Monroe:1 Month!

 photo IMG_a7040_zpsec264675.jpg
Look at that double chin! ;)  I can't even explain what it took to wake this girl for this picture!

It doesn't matter how many times you do it....when it comes to your babies....time always goes too fast!  It hasn't changed with our newest addition, Hollyn either.  She's so adorable, squishy, and perfect, but she keeps growing, darn it.  So it's time to start her monthly updates!

*She is quite the sleeper!  When we first brought her home, I'm not sure that we saw her eyes for a full week!  If we did, it was usually at 10 o'clock at night when we were trying to head to bed.  No bedtime for Miss Hollyn though....she was ready to party!  She would stare off into the dark when I layed her down (I would watch her on the monitor) broke my heart to see her awake and no one around. :(  Shortly after week 2, she started to sleep from 11:30 to 4 or sometimes 5.  Score. 

*She weighs about 10 lbs and is about 23 inches long. Growing fast!

*She's got lots of sweet peach fuzz all over her little body, especially around her shoulders and little back (and more dark in color than the other girls).  She may be the dark haired girl of the bunch.  I love it.

*She is a smiley thing.  I feel like Ansley didn't smile for the first 3 months and Charli did a little more, but Hollyn....she smiles ALL the time!  It is so precious.  I don't care what anyone says....they aren't gas smiles!

*She has dark hair on the back of her head (and a lot of it) and lighter in the front.  We joke that she got some beautiful ombre highlights for the fall season!  She also came out with lots of curl on her wet head, so she's probably going to be like the other two in that regard.

*She spits up occasionally, but only when we don't get out a good burp.  And she has hiccups about 3 times a day....just like in my belly.

*When she cries she lets out one big screech and then she's done for the most part (unless she's REALLY hungry).  She sounds like another little pterodactyl.

*She makes the funniest faces.  We call them her old man looks.  She scrunches and twists her mouth and face around in some crazy ways!

*She has the LONGEST fingers and toes of all the girls (and Charli has some long ones)!  Before long she'll be playing the piano with her feet.

*She's a pooper!  Her favorite time is right when her diaper is off (lots of laundry for momma)!  During her newborn photoshoot she peed and pooped on Ansley and Sheri.  Both of them were dancing around trying to get clean.  It was hilarious.

*Her eyes are a beautiful blue color right now and I'm sure they will stick around.  Sometimes they like to cross, but she's still a beauty!  Before long they will track together hopefully. Ha!  :)

We are so thankful for Hollyn's healthy arrival and we treasure our little biscuit (name given by Ansley) so much! Praise God for the blessing of another sweet girl!