Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ansley Harper: Month 3

You are so precious! Here are some of the highlights of your third month:

*You love your binky! You always want it at's your soother.
*You love to be read to! Your favorite book at the moment is Hermie the Caterpillar. Daddy is your reading buddy at nighttime.
*Bath time is Dad's time too. You love your never cry.
*We have discovered how hot-natured you are. You have no interest in socks and want as little clothing on as possible. You would rather be naked.
*You have now been to your second wedding (Tracy and Matt's-Sept 6th) at the Ritz Carlton in St. Louis. You were so beautiful in your white and purple dress that we got from your cousin Becky. This was our first trip together as a family loaded to the brim in our little Rav-4. Funny story-I fed you in a 2x2 room used for the internet at the Ritz and mommy had on a dress. Fun times!
*You went swimming for the first time at your Aunt Debbie and Uncle Jim's house for Labor Day. The water was freezing and you didn't want anything to do with it!
*On September 14th, mommy's first day back to work, we went to a cardinal game with Mimi and BB. You were not bothered by the crowd at all! None of us saw much of the were entertaining us the whole time!
*You've been to your first Semo district fair (2 times). The first time was with mommy and daddy, but Uncle Kyle and Aunt Laura wanted to take you the second time. You were so good, even though you were a little sick!
*You had your 2 month appointment with Dr. Hoffman and your first immunizations. You screamed, but got over it pretty quick. Mommy, on the other hand, had a harder time! You were 75% in height and 90% in weight. Needless to say, you are well fed.
*You have started smiling a lot and talking a little. We love to hear you coo!
*You are now sleeping about 12 hours a night. You are one word...amazing!