Wednesday, June 26, 2013

No More Clip-On Earrings for THIS Girl!

I think since the moment Ansley really noticed me putting in earrings for the first time, she has wanted some for herself.  We're talking BEFORE she was even three. I can hear it so clearly..."Mommy, I need some eawings wike you!"  I'm sure I repeated my answer a hundred times..."you'll have to wait until you get older" (side note....every time I hear this phrase, it reminds me of Mrs. Pott's and Chip in Beauty and the Beast.  Can you tell I have a little one that loves that movie? Ha!).  I digress. :)  So after her best friend, Ellie got her ears pierced six months ago, I knew we were on borrowed time.  Sure enough, we caved!  Our big girl finally got her ears pierced.  She was "so cited!" (followed by lots of squealing).   
            Here she is getting her ears marked            
She had to be so very still for this part.
And stoic.  It was hilarious how serious she got!
Here goes!
Literally, she didn't even flinch!  Not even a blink!  We were shocked.  I mean, it was as if she looked at them and THAT all you got?!  Ha! 
Then the smiles came out!
Here was her little certificate.  A few of the people she wanted to show her earrings to first got omitted. I guess they figured 3 people was enough. :) 
Here's a little video of the actual piercing.  Afterwards, I think she was either in shock or a little embarrassed.  And don't mind me...after a few squeals I start to blabber on about one of my former skaters who passed out after getting her's pierced.  I think these girls thought she might pass out because there was no other reaction from her.  Thank goodness we didn't have to deal with that!     
One of the girls that helped with her ears was so nice.  She took such great care of Ansley and really spoiled her.  She helped her pick out fun earrings, did her nails, let her walk the runway, and did the glitter hearts on her face.  I know they do those special things with everybody that walks in, but this girl was just so sweet!  I would recommend Sweet and Sassy to anyone looking to pamper their little girl.  It was such a great experience.  Of course Ansley is already talking about when we can get Charli's done and where her next ear piercing is going to be (wait...what?!).  I don't think so.      

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Charli's 1st Birthday!

My oh my!  This girl turned 1 and we had a big celebration!
It started with a Princess and the Pea theme and this invitation 
Our little Charli loves peas and of course, she's a princess so that's how it all came about it (in case you're thinking it's a very odd 1st birthday theme.Ha!).  Ansley was actually the one that helped me brainstorm the idea and I think it turned out pretty cute!  She is our sweet pea too, of course!  
Here's the adorable birthday girl!
The sweets table
I decided to not go as crazy on the cake this year.  I actually kept it pretty simple.  Her smash cake was buttercream icing in a ruffle pattern and the "themed" cake was a bed, with a pea of course!  It wasn't quite as big as I had imagined it being, but it turned out fine and it wasn't too high stress.  Some of the items on the table grapes, different flavored poptarts (Princess mattresses), cake balls covered with green candy melts (Colossal Princess Peas), green sixlets (sweet peas), and strawberry lemonade drinks.     
Here's her little bed cake.  I used straws for the 4 posters and a crown Ansley had stashed away in her room. 
I was going to create layers of mattresses (like the princess and the pea book), but I would've needed to make more cakes and I just didn't have it in me.  Ha!
I made Charli's pennant banner out of scrapbook paper and little sticker letters.  I finally used some of the twine I've had for a couple of years (I'm seriously a craft supply hoarder!).  Charli's smash cake was my favorite and literally took me 15 minutes to decorate with a ruffle design. 
The cupcakes I made with little candy peas on top
Charli's 12 months of pictures.  I can't even believe where just a year can take you in the life of a baby.
A birthday banner just for her!
The centerpieces
Her highchair and balloon. 
That face is a favorite of mine....
This was her face while we sang "happy birthday".
Here comes the smash cake!
It was all smiles until she got her hand dirty.  It was OVER after that!  Somebody....I need a wipe, stat!
After getting her hands clean and eating some food, she was good to go.  
Eating time!
My fam hanging out
Marlee was so sweet with Charli during the entire party.  
Me and my birthday baby
Present time! She got a lot of help from big sis
And she blew kisses for all the fun toys and clothes
Daddy and his little princess
Our family picture
It was such a great day!  Charli did so well and we had our family and friends there to help us celebrate Charli's big milestone, which makes it so fun. This party felt less stressful than any other as far as preparation and party time.  Maybe I'm realizing what my limitations are and just not allowing it to bother me?  Either way, it felt relaxed and more enjoyable than ever.  Ultimately, I think I'm learning how to savor the moment rather than stressing my way through it.  It was such a relief!  So thankful for the blessings in my life and I want to really be "present" in these moments.  Charli Suttyn, Happy 1st Birthday sweet girl!  You are getting so BIG!      

Monday, June 10, 2013

Charli Suttyn: 12 Months

Well, here we are...12 months. It's really unbelievable. I feel like Charli's transition from a newborn babe to an active toddler has gone really well! You've come along for quite a ride with our little family and made it even more special for us! Charli, you make life so fun!

*She says "ha loooo"when she walks into a room of people or when she picks up a phone.  All we can do is laugh.

*She still loves to wave with her little cupped hand towards herself. It's so precious.

*We nursed for one year, Charli! Well, almost...we were just a few days shy of the 12 month mark, but we did it!! It's a good thing too because you dislike formula, so much so, that you down right refused to drink it for me on a few occasions! Thankfully, I had enough milk stored up that we actually got you past the one year mark. Woo hoo!

*One of your favorite hobbies is rearranging my cabinets and drawers. She arranges them on the floor and then crawls away to her next favorite toy. :)

*She loves to watch our dog, Alleigh and our cat, Piper from the French doors in our dining room. She will sit there jabbering with them for thirty minutes or more!

*Favorite 2 words...."uh oh" right after her toy, food, etc hits the floor. It's her game and she's winning. ;)

*She loves to let me know by signing (that she's all done) with her food...right after she takes a few bites. She's a smooth one let me tell ya!

*We swear she speaks a little German too. :)

*She has yet to take her first steps all by herself, but stands and pulls up everywhere!

*She still loves peas.

*She loves to be held. It doesn't matter who it is...she wants to be in on the action and she's usually content on someone's hip.   

*She still has the sweetest, cheesiest smile around.

It's plain and simple....we just can't imagine our lives without Charli. Her sweet temperament, bubbly smile, sassy squeals, busy-body nature, and adorable wispy curls are some of our favorite things about her. She's such a joy and good for our souls. Charli Suttyn, we thank God for your life and praise Him for a wonderful first year! We feel absolutely humbled that He has entrusted us with you! We can't wait to see the new and exciting things you will learn, the ways in which you and Ansley will grow the bond that is already strong between you, and how your personality will flourish in the coming months and years. Happy one year, Charli!