Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Ansley's Last Day of School and Graduation

May 9th was Ansley's last day of school at Mother's Day Out.  It is so hard to believe the changes she's made in just one school year!  We are so thankful for the sweet heart she has and spunky little personality all rolled up into a cute little package.  Over this past year she has learned to say and recognize all the letters in her name (along with several others) and spell them aloud, count from 1-20 with pretty good accuracy, and she's getting really good at writing her name.  She loves to make sound patterns with clapping, etc, color with paint, and sing "It's My Father's House".  She is doing extraordinary at recognizing bible stories by looking at pictures and her prayers usually bring us to tears.  She loves to joke, laugh about saying booty and poop (yes, we are trying to break that), and her favorite phrase is.....Awww!  I'm just kidding!!!
First day of school 2012
Last day of school  2013
She gave us a big wave before her program
She looked so big up there!
Singing next to her friend, Elizabeth
Charli was so proud of her big sister
She was so excited for the whole program
Ansley's favorite supporter that night was Brynn.  She was so concerned if she was going to be able to make it!
I mean...precious.
We tried to get a family pic, but you can see how that turned out.  Charli was NOT in the mood!
We got one with our sweet girl before the night ended.  
Just can't believe the difference in a year.  I'm sure we'll be surprised every year following too.  Love our girl and can't wait to see what God does in the future.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Charli Suttyn: 11 Months

I don't see how in the world it's possible, but this little girl is 11 months!  It's unbelievable that in a few short weeks, she'll be ONE!!
*You are starting to realize you're a little rough when it comes to your hands (sometimes they flail violently at us), so after you take an eye out, you pat us ever so gently. As if to say....I know that I'm rough... but look, Mommy, here's how I can be gentle.  Little turkey! :)

*You are quite the crawler and you pull up to everything, but no walking yet!  We have bets on when you'll REALLY be on the move!

*Blowing kisses is your new favorite thing to do....with your hand over your mouth, nose, and practically your whole face, you blow us sweet kisses.  

*You're appetite has dramatically decreased over the last couple of weeks.  Peas, cheerios, oatmeal, crackers, blueberries, strawberries, puffs, and cheese are just about the only things we can get you to eat these days.  Actually, you would nurse all day if I'd let you and IF I had enough supply.  Needless to say, weaning you has not quite happened yet. :)

*We've learned that taking you to a restaurant is getting more and more challenging.  You're quite the squealer and we usually can't keep you occupied during an entire dinner.  Staying in the highchair for that long is grueling for you, so our days of restaurant hopping is slowing just a bit. :( 

*You LOVE to play in Ansley's room. Usually that's where you can be found.  You're fascinated with all her barbies, princesses, and books.  I love that the two of you play so well together, side by side.

Monday, May 6, 2013

A Day at the Conservation Center and the Tunnel!

Ansley's class took a field trip to the Conservation Department last Thursday.  My mom, Jason, Charli, and I went along for the fun.  We first took a hike on the trail and then into the Nature Center.  It was our first time going and I was impressed!  Ansley loved to look at all the fish, turtles, even gar!, and enjoyed some of the activities that they offered there, including the turkey call station :).  It was great to finally see Ansley interact with some of her little friends that she always mentions.  I usually try to sneak a peak in her classroom just to see how she plays, laughs, and talks with her buddies.  I've been hearing an awful lot about Chase these days and I finally got to meet the little feller.  He was hilarious while we were walking the trail with the naturalist.  He would spout out some of the funniest answers to her questions and then take off running without the rest of us.  He is so cute!  
This was his camera face.  He looks so funny with his rolled eyes and shaved patch of hair (that he apparently did while no one was watching).  
I finally got a normal one!
Listening to our guide :)
Inside with the fish
Our sweet little elk :)
Our family shot, which turns out, Ansley wasn't even looking and Jason was in a suit! Oh well.
After the conservation center, we went home to play before naptime.  Ansley and Charli decided to get out the princess tunnel and I've never heard them laugh so hard in all my life.  They LOVED it!  It's our new form of entertainment.
In and out of the tunnel they went
She was so excited to hide in this from Charli
It was a fun day!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Charli Suttyn: 10 Months

You are doing so many fun things.  I can't even believe the cuteness most days.  You are just adorable with your infectious and sweet smile.  Our hearts are bursting with love for you, Char.  

*We are loving your open-mouthed slobbery kisses these days.  We can't seem to get enough of them.  Ansley loves to sign "more" to you, so she can have just a few more.  That seems to do the trick.  We are just smitten with you.

*Our nightly ritual has turned into a humming embrace from you and some soothing little pats on my back.  It's actually the ONLY moment during the day that I can keep you still.  I soak in my much needed loves from you and then you let me know you're ready to lie down.  I always blow a kiss and then most of the time you clap as I'm closing the door.  It's just our way of saying goodnight to each other right now and I never want to forget these sweet moments with you.
*When you're upset, you've started the most pitiful thing ever.....you plop yourself flat on your face (almost in a little ball) with your face in your hands, and bawl.  It is awful and hilarious all rolled up.  I've started noticing it when you've fussed a little bit (maybe I don't get there in 2 seconds flat) or you get frustrated with a toy.  This is your "my feelings are hurt" fit.  It's awful because I feel bad that you're soo upset that you fall on your face, but on the other hand, I laugh because you're seriously too little to already be having these little meltdowns!  I love coming to your rescue, but I'm afraid what these little "fits" might turn into :/

*We celebrated your first Easter!

*You might be allergic to something.....We're still investigating but as of right now, I think it's eggs.  Yikes!  I'm praying you grow out of this.

*You like to sit with one leg bent in front of you and one bent behind you.  I think it's adorable, so I thought I would mention it. :)

*We have started to do some signing with you.  You have gotten pretty good at signing "more" and "all done".  It is such a sweet feeling to know that you are able to understand and communicate with us (other than grunts and squeals :)).

*You say "Aggie" for Ansley and "Allay" for Alleigh.  It is so precious.

*You are a squealer (especially when you're with daddy)....plain and simple.

*You like to walk while holding our hands and you have just started becoming pretty independent with your walker, but you'd prefer to crawl.  You even stand for a few seconds before easing yourself back down into a sitting position.  One of your favorite places to pull yourself up is by our barstools in the kitchen for some reason. ?  It must be the perfect height because you stand up, sit down, stand up, sit down....all the while grinning from ear to ear at your big accomplishment.

*You are sleeping all of twelve hours, but most nights even more with a wake up time of 8:30.  You love to sleep on your belly and snuggle with your pink minky blanket.  You usually nap from 10:30-12 and 2:30-4, unless you're at Pamaw's.  Lately, your average is about an hour max (not good for Pamaw)!

*You have become quite the little singer here recently.  Your humming and sweet sounds are so soothing. :)

*Your favorite toys right now are your barnyard refrigerator toy, the gear caterpillar, Little People's house, Elmo phone, and makeup mirror.