Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Our Big Kindergartener....Ansley Harper.

I have put this post off for several weeks because I just can't bring myself to write about it.  The emotions are still too fresh and the thought of actually having a Kindergartener is mind blowing.  Part of my heart went to Kindergarten on August 14th and although it's just Kindergarten, it's still so painful to send our sweet little girl off to school for 8 hours a day for the next 13 years.  Painful ya'll.  I've had some major crying sessions, which started LONG before the first day of school.  Some at night while tucking her into bed, during prayer time, mornings when I realize the weight of it all, and those sleepless and tear-filled nights when I just can't get control of myself!  Ugh.  There's been some really ugly cries.  This is our first babe and I know it won't get any easier with the next ones in line.  The fact is....this is life.  As sad as I am that our little one is growing up so fast, I know that she is ready and it will be so exciting for her.  Whew!      
Our excited Kindergartener!
And a new Frozen bag!
She helped me bake cookies to give to all the school staff, especially Mrs. Mendi.  The tag said....If you give a teacher a cookie. Happy 1st Day of School! Love, Ansley. (Thank you, Thirty Handmade Days!)
We stopped by our "built house" as Ansley calls it to take a few pictures before dropoff. 
I'm so proud of how well she did.  Mommy and Daddy, however needed some meds....:/
Oh, The Places You'll Go, Ansley!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Ansley's Dance Recital

Ansley had her very first dance recital at the end of May and it was one of the most precious things ever.  Her group's number did "The Tiki Room" and they did such a fantastic job!
Most of my pictures were taken at the rehearsal because photography was not allowed in the auditorium. 
Can you tell she was excited?!
And then she went right to this stance.  Oh how I love this image....
Ansley with her sweet friends, Ella and Evy. 
Be still my heart....
Family picture right before her big debut! She did so great despite her shoe lace that came untied. Ha! What a star!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Ansley's Ice Skating Frozen Party!

Well since the mention of Disney's Frozen movie back in 2013 and our subsequent Disney trip, Ansley has been adamant about wanting her 5th birthday party to be at an ice skating rink with the Frozen theme.  Unfortunately for us, the nearest ice rink is 2 hours away, so it creates several issues when planning a party that far away.....guest attendance (that's a long way to travel for a birthday party!) and decorating.  So from the get-go we prepped Ansley for the possibility of her birthday being just a family party with cousins and that was it, but I'm so thankful we had more little friends come and make the trip to St. Louis! She was thrilled! 
We had a slight fiasco with the birthday cake, so Jason ran to Schnucks to grab another one.  I wish I had a picture of my homemade cake AFTER the "big oops" because it was hilarious (well not right after it happened, but later looking at the mangled was funny).  Here's her last minute birthday cake!     
Ansley requested carrots and ranch, popcorn, and cheese so that's what we had! It was perfect for her theme.

My favorite was the white chocolate covered strawberries (frozen hearts). Yum!
DSC_0019 DSC_0020
Olaf cheese sticks and Frozen fruit snacks
Joanna and Sophia!
Ashley and Evy!
DSC_0033 DSC_0225
Whitney and Brynn skating away and Alex and Kristi moving along in the background!  I was so shocked at how well everyone did.  They were all rock stars on the ice! 
I think we were having a make-up moment on the ice after the cake "oops". Ha!
Ansley helped me so much with her party.  She made the marshmallow pops and cake with me.
Charli was so happy to get into all the sweet treats.  I think she may have eaten all the popcorn and fruit snacks!
She got lots of fun goodies from all her sweet friends
The whole crew minus a few!
 Elsa made an appearance too :)
Kyle, Laura, and Jansen
She had a wonderful birthday.  So thankful for our BIG 5 year old!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Birthday Fun for the Girls

Independence Day is long over, but I couldn't help to post these pics.  We celebrated both girls and their birthdays with my family on the 4th since we were all together.  They had a Frozen themed cake since we have the sisters of Arendale in our house....little Anna and Elsa loved their cake and presents.  :)
My aunt Peggy brought a cool flower candle for their cake. 
Charli got a little crazy with the icing
Sugar high!
And then we had to get the annual red, white, and blue photo with the grandkids (unfortunately my girls were already out of their clothes and in their suits. We'll pretend that's really a shade of blue they have on. :/).  And please take a look at Jansen's face...he is thrilled to take the picture.  Ha! 
Fun times!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Charli Suttyn Turns 2!

This pretty girl is 2! Geez.  What a blessing she is! 
We had her birthday bash at one of her favorite places in town....Discovery Playhouse.  She seriously loves that place and on most visits will spend HOURS completely engaged in all the fun activities, so it was an easy choice after realizing a party at our house this year was not feasible. Usually we would just have a birthday party there, however right now it's under construction (we pretty much have a total mess on our hands there) and the kids would just be playing in mud holes outside. :/

Charli's birthday sort of snuck up on me this year.  I think it's because I say to myself....I have until JUNE and then wham! the end of May is here and I've got NOTHING done, not even the invites. Story of my life as a procrastinator!   

The theme for her party was the Very Hungry Caterpillar for a couple of reasons....she eats through EVERYTHING in our house (it's a full-time job keeping her fed) and she LOVES books (she is flipping through one all the time or asking for someone to read to her constantly).  This little story just stuck out to me for some reason when thinking about Charli, so I went with it.
This was the food table going along with the VHC theme.  We had sour worms, marshmallow ice cream cones and cupcakes, runts, and LOTS of fresh fruit (grapes as the plums, oranges, watermelon, strawberries, pears, and fruit dip)!  
Here was her little birthday hat (made from scrapbook paper, a cutout of the caterpillar and the #2)
Here were most of the kids at the party.  We are missing just a few. Sweet friends!
I caught Ansley giving Charli sweet kisses after she blew out the candles
This was the cake I made for Charli (usually it sounds so easy and then I start on it and think EVERY TIME....what is wrong with me?!  I am NOT a cake decorator!!!). This time was no different, however I started on the cake before I even did the invitations (the caterpillar took 2 weeks to harden and stay put-even then it was a little sketchy), so I knew I could order a Walmart cake if I needed to.  I hand painted the fondant food pieces after cutting them out with a pizza cutter.  It all looked pretty cute until I was delivering it to the party and it rammed into the back of my seat on the way.  One entire side was smashed, but thankfully you can't tell too bad after I rearranged some food pieces.
The strawberry I cut out of foam sheets, stuck a #2 I had made for Ansley's second birthday party, and of course, the Caterpillar. Thankfully, I had help setting all of this up because I technically only had 30 minutes to do it.  Yikes.
Aunt "Wente" made the fabulous cookies.  She has some major skills CLEARLY!  I didn't really want anyone to eat them they were so cute!  :/
The VHC book and a toy we brought from home
Some of the yummy fruitIMG_a6330
I found these printables for free on a couple different sites, one of which was Polkadots and Puppies! I was so thankful to stumble upon them when planning for all this.  I didn't buy one printable this time.  Score! 
My sister in law, Laura and niece, Juliet.
 _MG_a6350 IMG_a6328
 A caterpillar hanging in the window made out of some paper fans
I scored BIG at Target for the party!  I found VHC bags, crayons, and sketch pads.  I almost fell over in the Target dollar spot....seriously, it couldn't have been more perfect for the treat bags!
Opening presents
Charli was more interested in strapping in her new Anna doll than opening any more presents.  No fear....big sis will step up! :)
IMG_a6391 _MG_a6353 _MG_a6347_MG_a6342IMG_a6465
Having a picnic with Mimi
Fun times with the special birthday girl!