Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Ansley's Ice Skating Frozen Party!

Well since the mention of Disney's Frozen movie back in 2013 and our subsequent Disney trip, Ansley has been adamant about wanting her 5th birthday party to be at an ice skating rink with the Frozen theme.  Unfortunately for us, the nearest ice rink is 2 hours away, so it creates several issues when planning a party that far away.....guest attendance (that's a long way to travel for a birthday party!) and decorating.  So from the get-go we prepped Ansley for the possibility of her birthday being just a family party with cousins and that was it, but I'm so thankful we had more little friends come and make the trip to St. Louis! She was thrilled! 
We had a slight fiasco with the birthday cake, so Jason ran to Schnucks to grab another one.  I wish I had a picture of my homemade cake AFTER the "big oops" because it was hilarious (well not right after it happened, but later looking at the mangled was funny).  Here's her last minute birthday cake!     
Ansley requested carrots and ranch, popcorn, and cheese so that's what we had! It was perfect for her theme.

My favorite was the white chocolate covered strawberries (frozen hearts). Yum!
DSC_0019 DSC_0020
Olaf cheese sticks and Frozen fruit snacks
Joanna and Sophia!
Ashley and Evy!
DSC_0033 DSC_0225
Whitney and Brynn skating away and Alex and Kristi moving along in the background!  I was so shocked at how well everyone did.  They were all rock stars on the ice! 
I think we were having a make-up moment on the ice after the cake "oops". Ha!
Ansley helped me so much with her party.  She made the marshmallow pops and cake with me.
Charli was so happy to get into all the sweet treats.  I think she may have eaten all the popcorn and fruit snacks!
She got lots of fun goodies from all her sweet friends
The whole crew minus a few!
 Elsa made an appearance too :)
Kyle, Laura, and Jansen
She had a wonderful birthday.  So thankful for our BIG 5 year old!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Birthday Fun for the Girls

Independence Day is long over, but I couldn't help to post these pics.  We celebrated both girls and their birthdays with my family on the 4th since we were all together.  They had a Frozen themed cake since we have the sisters of Arendale in our house....little Anna and Elsa loved their cake and presents.  :)
My aunt Peggy brought a cool flower candle for their cake. 
Charli got a little crazy with the icing
Sugar high!
And then we had to get the annual red, white, and blue photo with the grandkids (unfortunately my girls were already out of their clothes and in their suits. We'll pretend that's really a shade of blue they have on. :/).  And please take a look at Jansen's face...he is thrilled to take the picture.  Ha! 
Fun times!