Thursday, March 18, 2010

Building Blocks

Jason and I were playing with Ansley and I just had to snap a few pictures.  We were working on stacking the blocks and then decided we also needed to work on her quick eye and hand coordination (you know, for our future athlete. Ha!).  Here she is getting foam blocks lobbed at her...she still needs a little work!
Aww...couldn't you just gobble her up!
I love her little lips pursed like this!
We started out nice and calmly stacking the blocks...
Then the lobbing began...
Hey, watch it Dad!
I love this one...she's always flinching!
And this one!

A Visit From Krista

My cousin, Krista from Pennsylvania dropped in for a visit a couple weeks ago and we were so happy to see her!  She just happened to be in the Kentucky area for her job and drove many hours just to see us...well, Jansen and Ansley! We normally wouldn't see each other but maybe every other year, so to have 2 visits in a years time was a treat!  She is the kind of girl that everybody fun and personable!  I miss her already :( 
Here are a few pictures from her visit.  Krista we love you!

A little love time with Ansley and Jansen

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ashley To The Rescue!

Some of you may have blog has a new look!  Yay!!!  The very sweet and talented, Ashley (our pastor's daughter) created it for me!  I absolutely love it!  Ashley and I don't live in the same town, but we soon will (Woo Hoo!) and I can't wait to get to know her little family better!  She is the mommy to the precious, Evy Kate, who is just a little older than Ansley Harper...and of course, I'm hoping they will be best friends :).  Thank you Ashley for the time you put into this project.  You are amazing!  Go check out her blog if you haven't will love it and become addicted (I loved hers so much I had to start my own).  Enjoy! 


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ansley Harper: 8 Months

Ansley Harper you are 8 months old today!  You are such an amazing little miracle and we love you more than words can even describe!  You are a blessing and a dream come true!  Here are a few of the happenings around here....

*You have 2 teeth poking through...oh, it's so adorable!

*You like to hum with daddy when he sings the abc's to you.  It's so funny...he starts and you join in!

*You are everywhere these days!  You aren't yet crawling, but somehow you manage to get around, whether it's rolling or scooting.

*Your favorite toy is a measuring cup...hopefully you will love to cook one day like your Uncle Kyle!

*Daddy has started a habit of giving you water through a straw, so every time we are reach for the closest glass.  We have recently started giving you a sippy cup with water and you gulp it down!

*You are now a maniac on the changing table!

*You still aren't loving your green veggies, but with a little applesauce we can sometimes get them down.  You love applesauce, sweet potatoes, bananas, rice, and milk!

*You are still nursing, but we've been giving you some formula at night because you are one hungry little girl!

*At night, you love to snuggle with Dawson (your black dog), Lizzie (monkey), and Elroy (elephant).  That's your night crew.

*You are probably around 20 lbs and still all legs and cheeks!

*We celebrated Pappaw's birthday (February 17th) this month at Red Lobster and it's love his curly hair!

*We've realized you get real excited around dogs (Alleigh, Nelly, and Marley) and want to play with them.

*You love it when mommy dances!

*Sitting up is now a breeze...until you try to get to your tummy.  We've had a few face-plants!

*You love your little cousin, Jansen. 

*Mrs. Cathy (your Monday babysitter) said to me this week "she's the smartest little baby I know...that I haven't given birth to".  She said this with no hesistation, no laughing.  I was of course, laughing.  I love her because she's so funny and she loves you!

*Mimi watches you on Wednesday and Thursday during the week and she always tries to take you home with her!  For good.  Like kidnap.

You attended Tanette's baby shower that mommy hosted.  They couldn't get over those chubby little cheeks!

A Day with Sheri's Camera....

For those of you who might not best friend, Sheri does AMAZING work.  She is beyond gifted at the art of photography and we are blessed to know her.  Not only for her talent behind the camera, but for who she is!  It is unbelievable how God has been working in her life lately and I can't wait to see what He has in store for her!   She is an extraordinary person and I love her and her family dearly!  Thanks Sheri for capturing Ansley.  These pictures are a treasure! 

On a cold, rainy day...this is what she captured.