Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Destin, Baby!

Our little family was able to enjoy the oil lined beaches of Destin, Florida this past week with our friends, the Ewaskos and little Bandermanns.  Just kidding about the oil lined beaches, it was BEAUTIFUL (contrary to a lot of the reports I received before going)!  We had an eventful, yet relaxing stay at the Seascape Resort and ate enough crab legs to flounder an army!
Ansley was a little out of her element there...the 12 hour trip in the new car seat was a little aggravating (she couldn't quite recline) and she suddenly decided she didn't want to eat the food I brought for her.  She also realized that sand didn't taste good or feel good in the eyes either :)!  We definitely learned that taking a one year old on a beach trip would not be the smartest idea next time!  Oh well, you live and learn!  No matter what, she's still a joy, even when she's fussy (I'm not sure our friends would say the same-ha)!
Our days were mostly spent relaxing by the pool, sun-bathing at the beach, golfing (Whit and the boys played), lounging in our condo, eating at some great seafood restaurants, taking an adventure at a small village called Baytown Wharf (Whit and I), and antique shopping.  It was all-in-all a great trip!  We had a fun time with Ansley at the pool once she got used to the water, seeing Alex and Ansley cuddle was so sweet, and spending time with friends that we absolutely LOVE was a blast!  Here are some pictures from our trip.

We all did the balcony pictures when we got there :)
We had a gorgeous view of the turquoise water!

 Ansley ready for the pool
 She looked like our little boxer
She had fun playing in the sand.... 
 Until it looked good enough to eat!
 Next morning...Ansley and Alex watched some toons.
Ansley's bedhead cracks me up!
 Whitney showing off her skills
Our beautiful pool

Of course, she loved running around the pool!

Love this one!
Jason splashing us
Dinner at Hog's Breath.  I know...sounds appetizing.
Alex wanted all kinds of kisses from Ansley!

Ansley loved the beach in the evening!
She loved the wind blowing in her face and the water rolling up to her toes!
Precious little footprints

Ok...really goofy picture!
Ansley watching the waves
Yay!  Destin was so fun!
Can't wait to get back!

Friday, July 16, 2010

My baby's babies

Ansley was just gifted three fabulous dolls for her birthday and she absolutely adores them...most of the time!  She rocks them, hugs them, and sometimes they get an occasional kiss.  It is so sweet to see how motherly she already is, even at the age of one!  She likes to stroll all three of them around the house, hitting every piece of furniture in her way, and losing at least one baby out of the one-passenger stroller during her walks.  It is pretty comical.  She talks to them with her precious little words (that we can't quite understand) in that oh so sweet little voice.  Absolutely precious.

And then...I heard that precious little voice (in a louder tone this time), so I got curious.  I mosied back to her bedroom, where she was playing, to find her nicely laying her babies on her chair and then one-by-one throwing them on the floor...at this point somewhat yelling!  Ok...I watch for a second to make sure I'm understanding what's happening.  And yes, she had an attitude with the babies...she was apparently disciplining them.  What?  Is this a joke?  No...actually, it wasn't a joke.  We have never had to discipline Ansley, other than say...no, no for something very minor.  But that's it.  So of course, I tell her...Ansley, we love our babies and don't want to hurt them!  After giving her this pep talk several times...she continued with the throwing.  What's a mom to do?  At this point, I'm slightly panicked...all I see is Ansley trying to throw her cousin Jansen across the room next time she's with him!  So, I called for backup.  Jason walked in and gave me the most confused look.  After observing for a second and getting the low-down from me...he made the executive decision to put the babies away for a few days.  Eek!  I thought the attitude would definitely show it's ugly head now, but she didn't miss a beat!  It was like she thought they needed to go away too! 
Has anyone ran into this situation before?  My little mother hen has started disciplining...wow, how do they learn these things?!
The day I took these she loved her babies!


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Smiles :) ALL :) Around!

I was asked to work Sunday, which for a lot of different reasons was the pits, but this little girl made coming home so much more enjoyable!  She had such a happy day!  She is finally recovering from antibiotics and feeling back to normal...whew!  We could not believe how giggly she was!  Ok warning...you are about to see a lot of pictures of Ansley!
This is usually what she does when a camera comes out...
Then she started hamming it up!
That tongue cracks me up!
It was time to eat, but she wanted to play
How can crooked teeth look so cute?! 

This was the start of our island tag game....hey mommy!
 Peeking around for a suprise
 Tag has begun!
 It always ends in a fall, this time we were all smiles!
Love this girl...she lights up our lives!

Monday, July 12, 2010

More Fourth of July Fun...

I just went through some of our pictures from the 4th and realized I hadn't posted any from Ansley's actual birth day.  Gasp!  So, here are a few from the first half of the day that we spent with our friends, Ashlee and Joe.  They had us over to their new house in Jackson, which is gorgeous!  I wish I had taken more pictures of it, Ashlee is such a great decorator!  I did, however, take pictures of the adorable nursery for her second baby, Joseph that is expected to arrive in September.  Wait until you see how cute this room is!   But first, a picture of Ansley and her new purse she got from Ashlee and Joe.  She loves it!  She carries it from room to room and her lipstick gets lots of use ;). 
As you can see, the lipstick is in the mouth...
And now for Joseph's room!
Ashlee painted it all...freehand!
The room was tan.
How adorable is his name?!  She is so creative!
Ansley can't wait to meet little Joseph.

After Ashlee and Joe's we went to my aunt's house.  Ansley wanted to wear Jason's sunglasses, so of course, he let her (even though he loves these glasses, would die if he lost them, and can't find another pair like them unless we go to the same street vendor in Mexico)! Ha! 
But he sure didn't hesitate to let her wear them! 
And one more after all the action....a naked girl running around on the porch!  Ah!