Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Hollyn Monroe: 9 Months!


You are such a little peach, Hollyn!

*You are getting to be such a big girl!  You are growing lots and lots of teeth in that little mouth of yours!  You have your two fangs and a bottom tooth (front-right) poking through along with two top, front teeth that are also peaking through!  I can't believe how a few months can change your appearance so much!

*You survived a trip to Perdido Key, Florida and you did amazing!

*You love your puffs!

*We have started 2nd foods with you! You love garden vegetables, chicken and rice, and all your fruits mixed.  Doing good with the food!

*You have started griding your teeth.  Ahhhh!!!!  It's one of those sounds that grinds my gears, so I am always squishing your cheeks together in the hopes that you will stop.  Your new found teeth are apparently fun to play with!

*You are in the 42% in weight and 82% in height.  You are growing so fast and looking more and more like Charli these days (in my opinion).  When I look at you I see your uncle Kyle, but so many people say you look like your daddy.  I feel like it changes every week!

*Your crawling has taken off!  You are getting pretty quick and we put the baby gate up just in time.  You follow me from room to room most days and when I'm not in your line of sight you tend to panic.  Have I mentioned you're a momma's girl?!

*You are saying "Momma" now!!! I'm officially not upset with you anymore. :)

*You are clapping all the time, waving on occasion, and you have the cutest Indian yodel. You also will immediately start to clap when we sing the paddycake song.