Thursday, July 19, 2012

Our Little Charli Suttyn

I have been absolutely awful about posting on the blog.  Poor little Charli will probably be a little hurt by my lack of posting about her.  The fact's been crazy around here for a lot of different reasons and the blog just kind of went to the back burner.
We are finally getting into a system around here and today instead catching up on some sleep, I decided to post a few pics.  Ha!! 
We are so thankful for our friend, Sheri who takes the most beautiful images.  These pictures are such a treasure to us.  It makes me teary eyed thinking about Ansley and Charli passing these down through the generations.  One day their families will look back on them just as we do.  How incredible.
Charli is just 5 days old here.  So precious.
Love this one of Jason and the girls 
This one took a lot of effort to get, but it is flawless.  Thanks Sheri and Scott! 
Our family pic 
Oh how I love this one.... 
I love Jason's hands holding our precious Charli
Another favorite. Ansley with her bracelets is just too much.
Love this little smile
This one I have no words for.  Simply breathtaking. 
The past month has been a whirlwind of sorts, but worth it all.