Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Charli's potty training adventures!

Well, I think we officially have one less child in diapers.  Woo hoo! A few weeks ago (November 12th to be exact) Charli started going on the big girl potty!  I started the whole process a little earlier than I did with Ansley.  I knew at this point (almost 2.5 years old) that they both understood it, however with Ansley I didn't push it.  She didn't want to go and I didn't really want the hassle of running to the bathroom all the time.  With Charli I felt the same way, but she started telling me that I needed to change her diaper and that she had just gone potty, so I knew it was time.  Plus, we're going on a Disney cruise in April and she needs to be fully potty trained to swim in the pool.  That alone was motivation enough for both of us to get things moving and now she's so proud to tell everyone that she could go to Disney (as if we'd leave her if she wasn't :) ).  She really hasn't had that many accidents, other than a few poops, so I think we're on a roll!  We even made it to Pennsylvania and back without any accidents.  Of course I should mention, we whipped out the potty chair several different times and put it in the front seat for her to go right there on the side of the interstate.  We all stood outside of the truck in the blistering cold and watched her from the windows (as if we needed to give her privacy....?  I still don't know why we did that).  Regardless, she was a rockstar on our road trip for sure!  One of the things that cracks me up is that she is always still so proud of herself when she goes.  The excitement is still fresh for her. 

While we were training her, we bribed her with treats. :) She could either pick 2 M&Ms or 2 Skittles if she successfully went and most of the time she chose the Skittles.
Here's a snippet from one of her first times going. I'm the weirdo that videos that sort of thing. :)

On our way to PA....during one of our many pit stops.
 photo IMG_6143_zpsbb8f7c01.jpg

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Hollyn Monroe: 2 Months!

 photo IMG_a7272_zpsd9f160d3.jpg

*She's a little squirmer!  She squirms like a worm in hot ashes to be exact.  Her legs and arms flail when she’s on her back like she’s doing the backstroke. 
*She coos and laughs all the time.  I would say at this point she is our happiest baby of all 3 girls.  She even makes sounds like she’s talking!  Yes, there are some occasional crying fits, but most of the time she is smiling and happy.   
*She has the cutest little crease on the top of her nose.
*She rolled over!  Now, I’m sure this was a total fluke, but the girl wiggles so much when she’s on her back that it didn’t surprise me one bit when I found her on her tummy one morning while she was lying on her activity mat.  The first two weeks of her life, I felt like she could roll off the changing table because of how strong she was.  Not kidding….NONE of my kids have ever seemed like they were even close to rolling over until it was time. 
*She’s in the 97% in height, 88% in weight, and 41% in head circumference.  My tiny little baby is suddenly covered in squishy rolls all over and we haven’t had a baby as high in the height department this early that I can recall.  She’s growing like a weed!
*She was a pea in the pod for Halloween just like Ansley and Charli.  That costume has gotten some good wear!
*She is sleeping anywhere from 6-9 hours a night.  It’s usually around the 7 or 8 hour mark, which at this point I’m happy with.  This momma is tired and those long stretches feel amazing!
*She loves her binky and I’m down to 1 that works.  Yikes!
*The swaddle blanket is NOT her favorite thing in the world.  She’d rather sleep with her arms out and stretched above her head.  She usually gets her left arm free during her naps and is usually sucking away on her fingers by the time I get in there. 

Hollyn, we never imagined we'd have another precious little girl to add to our crazy bunch, but now that we do....we can't imagine life without your sweet face.  We love you so much and can't wait to watch you grow!