Monday, April 25, 2011

Busy, busy Bandermanns!

Whoa.  It's been a busy couple of days around here!  The thunderstorms have been trying to keep us from enjoying ourselves....but we don't care about baseball-size hail, floods, or tornadoes!  Ha!  Ok times it's been a little scary.  But we continue to get some good family time in during it all.   

Turkey season is in full swing, so of course, Jason was out for the first day and got one!  Ansley was so excited (as you can see from the picture) that Daddee brought home a big gobbler!  Since Jason's hunt, she's said for days...."Ansley see turkeeeey!"
I had to get lots of pictures of my 2 turkeys! 

The Easter egg hunts have been pretty popular with Ansley this week.  We've got more plastic eggs lying around than I know what to do with!  Ansley's preschool lab friends put on a hunt and then let her eat the chocolate while I was out running errands.  Needless to say, Ansley was even more spunky than usual when I returned.  She sure had a fun time finding the eggs with Mrs. Cathy! 

This is Ansley's new "smile for the camera" face.  I usually have a hard time keeping a straight face after the lip curl and eye squint! 
One of my favorite little boutiques in town, Bloom was having a visit from the Easter bunny Saturday.  Because we took Ansley last year, we had to make another trip this year to see what she thought of him.  The pictures don't quite show it, but she was NOT a fan.  However, after leaving...he's ALL she wanted to talk about!  Of course, that's how it went with Santa too. 

My two favorite people snuggling after having an overload of cookies and milk.  I think Ansley still has a mouth full in this picture. 

Friday night our church put on the first-ever Good Friday service, which was a huge hit!  It was such an amazing night of reflection of the sacrifice that our Risen Savior made for each one of us!  Wow.  What a night!  My sweet friend, Heather and I were asked to sing "Blessed Redeemer" by Casting Crowns at the end of the service.  Even though we were crazy went well!  It was such an honor to be asked and I hope that God was glorified through it.  Ansley is still singing Besssed Reeeemer to the top of her lungs!  =) 

Our Easter picture this year!  After a wonderful church service this morning, we headed out to the cabin to see my family.  We had another Easter egg hunt (the rain kept this one inside) and lots of food!  Yes!  
I love this picture....Ansley was giving the funniest faces to my family while we were trying to get a picture. 
And this one melts my heart! 
Ansley next to her lifesize Easter bunny smiling ear to ear! 
Ansley and Jansen got lawn chairs for Easter from Mimi and BB.  They loved them!  
Of course, she needed to prop her tired feet up! 
Next up....Aunt Soni's house for yet another egg hunt with Jason's family!  Wowsa.   
This girl knows how to hunt for a good egg!  She found a money egg! 
Happy Easter from the Bandermanns! 

Monday, April 18, 2011

Crisman Clan

We got to spend the evening with the Crisman kiddos last week and had so much fun!  You would have thought Ansley was in heaven...she did not want our extended playdate to end!  Victoria, the oldest was such a great helper with the little ones (she was another set of eyes for the twinkies, Ansley and Ellie) and Brotey and Kate, kept us fully entertained!  These are some pictures from our fun evening with this sweet family (minus Emma :( )!
Ansley loved their slide!
 Victoria was her swinging buddy too. 
Look at these curly headed girls trying to squish into this tiny car 
Brotey being silly 
Looks like TROUBLE! 
Ellie's face cracks me up! 
Bathtime with the twinkies! 
Nice wrestling move Kate! 
What an exciting evening with a fantastic family!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Dads and Dolls

Our church recently put on a "Dads and Dolls Tea Party" for all the little girls and their daddy's.  Ansley wasn't really quite old enough (she was supposed to be 2), but somehow Jason got the ok for her to go.  I'm so glad she got to be a part of this event!  She absolutely loved is clear from the pictures!
  Here is my Doll and Dad...
This is during prayer time.  She doesn't always keep those eyes closed. 
Let's get this party started!
Ansley making a beautiful creation for her daddy and pappaw.  She made a cup with her drawing on the outside of it...she worked real hard on it!
Pappaw and Ansley showing off their cup
Alex and Libby
Mike and Emma
Mark and Marlee
How precious is this picture?!  Ansley thinks she is BIG stuff hanging out with these girls, Marlee and Kate!
Ansley, Evy and Kurt (the youngest dolls there!)
Naptime was quickly approaching.  There was just too much fun had by all!

I love that Ansley had this quality time with her daddy and pappaw....they enjoyed it so much!