Friday, July 8, 2011

Ansley's Birthday

On the morning of Ansley's actual birthday (4th of July), Jason surprised us with blueberry and chocolate chip pancakes!  Yay!  We sang happy birthday again, blew out the candles, and burnt a little bit of her bangs. heard me right.  As I was holding her, singing, I just blew a little too hard to help her with the last candle...and sszzzz.  That's right....mommy burnt some of her hair.  Thankfully, it sizzled for only a second and everything was fine.  It smelled like burnt hair, but all was good....she didn't know the difference AND we got a really funny video.  Maybe one of these days I'll put it on here. ;)

Later that afternoon we went to the Beel's cabin where Ansley experienced a lot of firsts.  She fished by herself with her new Barbie fishing pole and caught 3 tiny frogs with her pink net. She touched and got up close and personal with a fish that Jason had caught and held her first sparkler (with help of course...we were not prepared for any more Michael Jackson moments).   
She's watching Jason swim the lake (lap 4 at this point)...he's such a stud!
She would say everytime he came around, "what's daddy doing?"
My response..."he's still swimming!" 
Her sweet little tacklebox, net, and lure keeper she got from the Beels.  She loved it!
Jason showing Ansley how to fish with her own little pole
She loved it!
Ready to catch a butterfly
Frog gigging ;) with Macy
Oh, that poor little frog....
What a precious little hand
Miss Thing always wants her sunglasses on.
And here is the hilarious part...the adorable knee bend that she had going on.  So intense!
Reeling a big one in! Ha!
First ride on the Ranger
Lounging on the dock, ready for the fireworks!
A sparkler for our very own firecracker.  I'm loving the swimtop and diaper :)
Ansley's second birthday was a hit!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ansley's 2nd Birthday!!

I can't even begin to believe that we're celebrating Ansley's 2nd birthday.  It is absolutely bittersweet.  We feel so blessed to have this amazing little girl that brightens up our lives in ways we couldn't even imagine possible and we love every minute of watching her grow, but yet the past 2 years have just swept by us too what feels like seconds.  I know this is so cliche' and I say it so often, but how does life pass us by so fast?  Ugh!  I sometimes think I haven't taken enough pictures, captured enough video of her silly little sayings or mannuerisms, or soaked up enough of her sweet little personality.  I've just decided I can't even think about it makes me so emotional! So...onward!
There are so many things to mention about Ansley, but it's almost impossible to wrap her up in a few short paragraphs.  Here's what I can think of right now about her latest goings on....

*"No meeeamm (no maam)!"  This is Ansley's new phrase these days when you know she's serious about "no".

*She loves to talk on her cell phone (she found an old flip phone lying around and loves it).  She walks around jabbering nonstop and every once in awhile I'll make out a few words.  A lot of times I'll hear her say....Oh gosh!  And then she giggles.  So hilarious.

*She is sporting a feather in her hair like her momma.  She got one just for her birthday in a light pink to match her party.  My cousin, Danielle put it in her hair and now she's her new best friend.  Ansley calls her "Donelle" and we all get quite a kick out of it!

*We've learned what an animal/insect lover she is.  She's not afraid of anything!  She even loves bugs and frogs...she's quite the tomboy!  On her birthday she caught some baby frogs in her pink Barbie net.  They were so cute and she was so proud of them!

*She has recently wanted to be involved in the daily shoe picking process.  She loves her shoes, especially the pink ones!

*Another favorite phrase...."No, no Ansley do it! K, K?!"  She is definitely Miss Independent!

*It's confirmed...she's a water baby.  She loves any chance she gets at swimming and she has no fear.  Jumping off the side of the pool is nothing for this little turkey!

*We were finally able to paint her toe nails....thanks to Heather!  She's a fan now and sits so still when I paint them. 

*We've noticed that when she gets really excited about something she shrugs her shoulders up and down and does it several times in a row.  It's like she does a little dance and smiles from ear to ear.  Most of the time she does it when she's excited about food (usually ice cream) or when she knows you're going to sit and play with her (she loves having a playing buddy).
Now, on to the party!
The party invite for her second birthday
The Birthday Girl!
Ansley's birthday party was a blast! We love having people over to the house and what better reason than to celebrate Ansley's birthday. We had lots of food...the amount of sweet stuff was pretty ridiculous, tons of activities for the kiddos (Ansley's new playscape was a hit), and so many friends and family to share it all with! We feel so blessed to have a great group of friends and family surrounding us! Here are a few pictures from the party....

 The sweets table
The number 2 I used scrapbook paper on and the birthday hat I made out of coordinating paper and a feather boa I had. 
The cake I made with one layer of strawberry cake mix, one yellow, and Ansley's strawberry on top was also strawberry.  Every layer had strawberry pie filling in between and buttercream icing with fondant covering them all.  My fondant was a little flimsy so my decorating looks like a Kindergartener did it ;).  

The table centerpieces were a variety of cute strawberry shortcake or strawberry pictures and some of just Ansley.  This is her invitation picture.
Another centerpiece
Jason putting her birthday hat on
Jason praying before we eat....Ansley was peeking just a little
Singing Happy Birthday!  She actually helped us sing the entire song.
Ansley's strawberry cake 
Family pic
Jason being a good daddy and cutting the cake
My sweet girl
GG and Mrs. Cathy talking
The Sides family! 
Little Isaac or "Isick" as Ansley says
Some of my family
Pappaw and Anzie
She had enough of just splashing the water....she wanted in...clothes and all!
This water was FREEZING I might add....
Mimi, Jansen, and Ansley
Ansley opening gifts and finding a dress up outfit in one from the Sides.  She loved the boa!
Jansen helped out too
Ansley hugging BB's leg after getting her gift
Blowing some bubbles outside after all the action
Pamaw and the kiddos
Laura, Brynn, and Whit
Ansley on her new slide with Uncle Kyle
Ansley and Jansen sitting at the lemonade stand ;)
Oh, what a day!  It was definitely a beautiful one.  One we will never forget.
Happy 2nd birthday sweet girl!