Thursday, May 21, 2015

Hollyn Monroe: 7 Months!

*You love to pant like a little puppy with excitement.  It's your newest thing and we can't help but laugh at the cuteness.

*You are getting BOTH your top canine teeth (just like Charli did)!  It's so crazy rare and to have 2 children with this rarity is even crazier!

*You are sitting up so well!  I feel like you're in the stable stage now (I'm not as cautious about the possibility of you toppling over and hitting your head).  It's so great that you will sit and play and be content for a little bit.    

*You are reaching and grabbing for things all the time.  Your hand and mouth coordination is getting better and better!  You are becoming quite the little expert at picking up your Cheerios all by yourself and it usually keeps you busy for quite a bit before you want to move on to the next thing.  

*You are pulling up on things and really trying to be mobile.  No actual crawling really, but somehow you manage to get around everywhere!

*You are still sleeping in a swaddle, but I feel like those days are coming to an end soon....

*You are a momma's girl for sure!  You are usually really content with others, until you see momma and then it's game over.  You start to fuss and reach for me to hold you.  :)

*Right now you are mostly eating baby food (green beans, peas, carrots, sweet potatoes, avocados, and squash) and lots of oatmeal/rice cereal.  We haven't introduced fruit yet, but I'm sure it won't be long.

*You love pulling on hair and earrings! :/

*You like to pat with excitement!  I don't remember either of the girls doing this, but you seem to do it ALL the time.  It is so adorable how excited you get when you wake up or when you're interacting with the girls.