Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Our Big Kindergartener....Ansley Harper.

I have put this post off for several weeks because I just can't bring myself to write about it.  The emotions are still too fresh and the thought of actually having a Kindergartener is mind blowing.  Part of my heart went to Kindergarten on August 14th and although it's just Kindergarten, it's still so painful to send our sweet little girl off to school for 8 hours a day for the next 13 years.  Painful ya'll.  I've had some major crying sessions, which started LONG before the first day of school.  Some at night while tucking her into bed, during prayer time, mornings when I realize the weight of it all, and those sleepless and tear-filled nights when I just can't get control of myself!  Ugh.  There's been some really ugly cries.  This is our first babe and I know it won't get any easier with the next ones in line.  The fact is....this is life.  As sad as I am that our little one is growing up so fast, I know that she is ready and it will be so exciting for her.  Whew!      
Our excited Kindergartener!
And a new Frozen bag!
She helped me bake cookies to give to all the school staff, especially Mrs. Mendi.  The tag said....If you give a teacher a cookie. Happy 1st Day of School! Love, Ansley. (Thank you, Thirty Handmade Days!)
We stopped by our "built house" as Ansley calls it to take a few pictures before dropoff. 
I'm so proud of how well she did.  Mommy and Daddy, however needed some meds....:/
Oh, The Places You'll Go, Ansley!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Ansley's Dance Recital

Ansley had her very first dance recital at the end of May and it was one of the most precious things ever.  Her group's number did "The Tiki Room" and they did such a fantastic job!
Most of my pictures were taken at the rehearsal because photography was not allowed in the auditorium. 
Can you tell she was excited?!
And then she went right to this stance.  Oh how I love this image....
Ansley with her sweet friends, Ella and Evy. 
Be still my heart....
Family picture right before her big debut! She did so great despite her shoe lace that came untied. Ha! What a star!