Thursday, October 16, 2014

Our little surprise.....Hollyn Monroe!

We had our THIRD little blessing on September 24th.  We didn't know what we were having so imagine our surprise when our girl, Hollyn Monroe came out at 8:18 am healthy and beautiful at 8 lbs. 7 oz. and 20 inches long (the same as Ansley and 1/2 an ounce bigger than Charli).  She immediately looked like a clone of Ansley when Dr. Carns pulled her out, yet as the day went on....we saw a duplicate of Charli.  We are just beyond thrilled.  After miscarrying our sweet boy, Adler one year ago on October 13th, you don't take for granted the miracle of life.  We are so blessed. 

My friend, Sheri was able to be next to the operating room and captured the most amazing images for us.  I CANNOT stop looking at them and reliving the moments.  These images are one of my favorite treasures ever.  Prepare yourself....image overload.
It's a girl!  The whole room rejoiced.    
 photo b1_zpsccc7fab7.jpg
The look on Daddy's face is priceless.  photo b2_zps3f4e083a.jpg
She gave out the most wonderful cry.  I can remember hearing her while lying there on the operating table and then I was instantly crying uncontrollably.  She was here and she was healthy.  Praise the Lord.
 photo h8_zps76ead920.jpg
 photo h7_zpsd33183fb.jpg
 photo h9_zps40cf73fc.jpg
I was immediately smitten
 photo h29_zps1974e553.jpg
Oh my dear Lord....that first glimpse of her and the very first squeeze.  What a moment. 
 photo h30_zps4f02ce2f.jpg
This is one of my favorite images.  Jason has been so incredible, knowing exactly what I needed to hear at the very moment I needed to hear it.  He sweetly attended to me and also loved on our newest girl.  I will never forget it. 
 photo h27_zpsd3a2187b.jpg
I wanted to kiss her one more time before he told our family
 photo h31_zps1aef8cc9.jpg
 photo h32_zps484b9a76.jpg
Jason was in love all over again.
 photo h49_zps0d63563b.jpg
And then the family found out we would be 3 girls poor and 3 girls blessed. Ha!  I love seeing these images because I would have missed the whole moment if I didn't have these.
 photo h33_zps3d6b2a2e.jpg
 photo h34_zpsbd99883c.jpg
 photo h35_zpsc7cc780e.jpg
 photo h37_zpsa6400d33.jpg
I was so worried about Ansley and Charli's little hearts.  They wanted a boy so bad.  Thankfully, Ansley went from a moment of disappointment to a glance of Hollyn that immediately won her over.  They are both head over heels to have their new baby sister.
 photo h39_zps08bef591.jpg
 photo h48_zpsdd7777f4.jpg
 photo h51_zpsfdafbc85.jpg
 photo h57_zpsfc4d03ad.jpg
A moment of giddiness.
 photo h53_zpsc7476907.jpg
There's not enough kisses in the world to show my love.
 photo h54_zpse38907ea.jpg
 photo h78_zps53c05dc8.jpg  photo h79_zpsb6d62231.jpg  photo h73_zps6f052338.jpg
It doesn't get any better than this
 photo h76_zps06a1eb9f.jpg  photo h77_zps14d7eea4.jpg  photo h71_zps2ce90f84.jpg  photo h72_zpse66a9dcd.jpg  photo h75_zps6679056c.jpg  photo h67_zpse6c3e355.jpg  photo h66_zps6c6c08a4.jpg
 photo h64_zpsa1e2f938.jpg  photo h68_zpsbe943ad0.jpg  photo h69_zps40de9e64.jpg  photo h46_zps07e59e14.jpg
Oh, Hollyn....we LOVE you so.  photo h20_zps2a1af659.jpg  photo h19_zpsb9a8404b.jpg
Welcome to the world sweet baby girl!
 photo h70_zps9209d60a.jpg