Saturday, May 19, 2012

My Sprinkle!

My lifegroup class has started a new approach to baby showers recently for moms who are having their 2nd baby, 3rd, adoption, and so on. We pick a restaurant, bring a gift, and fellowship.  It's such a great way to celebrate new babies without the fuss of putting/paying for a shower (I hope that doesn't sound rude) and we enjoy a girl's night out too.  It's the best way to do it in my opinion!
The girls picked Saffron for my sprinkle, which was so sweet!  It's my favorite place in town...their sushi and pad thai are just to die for!  It was such a great night with the girls, the fellowship was good and of course all the goodies they brought for little Charli were fabulous too! :) I love my group of friends!  
And there are many more little babies that will be added to our group soon, just wait until you see the number, and you'll understand why the restaurant sprinkle is such a good idea! :)
Heather (adopting from China) and her daughter, Marlee
Our table of girls! 
Kristi (just had baby Cameron), Kristal (expecting and fostering), and Becca (just adopted Kabaina from Ethiopia) 
Courtney (expecting), Brandi, and Kelly (expecting) 
Whitney, Joanna, Ashley (just adopted from Korea), and Sonja 
The whole group minus Deanne and Jennilee.  Love these girls! Thanks for a great night of fun! 

Friday, May 18, 2012

Ansley's 2nd trip to the Skating Rink!

Be still my HEART!  I have been wanting to take Ansley skating again for several months, but the timing just hasn't worked out.  So a few weeks ago we decided to just GO!  There were about a million other things we needed to be doing (getting Charli's room ready, finishing Ansley's big girl room...and the list goes on), but we knew that weekend would be our last chance to go before Charli arrived.  I'm so glad we did because Ansley was so excited to skate and I could tell a big difference in her skills from the previous time (she was 18 months old), she could walk and skate all by herself this time!  I was beside myself!  It was just so surreal.  After teaching countless other kids how to skate, my most proud moment was watching my Ansley do the simplest little march (the first skill we teach the beginners).  The cutest part about it was her sweet little hands...the way she held them out was just precious!  I know I sound like such a nerd!
Also, I'm so glad my mom was willing to make the trip so we could have these pictures of our little outing.
Ansley said the funniest thing while we were putting her skates on..."Mommy, we gotta get some pink skates for me!"  Oddly enough, I was going to buy her a pair of pink boots once I knew she liked to skate.  Apparently my white skates just weren't her style. :)
How cute is she in those skates?!

Her little tongue was out the entire time she skated! 

She loved for me to hold her hands and skate 
Look closely....Beatrice made her way out on the ice too!

And Jason livened things up with his fast bucket skating.  Ansley just loved it!

This day was of course a treasured one and we can't wait to get her back on the ice.  Next time maybe Charli will want to skate :)