Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Charli Suttyn:20 Months!

OH GIRL!  You are so FUN!
*You're babbling and talking a lot! We can't understand much except for the two of us (meaning you and I). I can usually understand what you want because I've learned Charli speak, but it's not easy. You like to say "dat" and "more" a lot and sometimes it's a complete guessing game, but've finally mastered momma and daddy! :) 
*You may not speak a whole lot, but your receptive language is amazing.  You know exactly what we're saying and you get your point across with or without words.  You are a smart little cookie.

*You've got the most beautiful curly hairy. It's thinner than Ansley's has ever been, but some days I feel like it's curlier. We usually rock the front ponytail (the front fountain), but it can also be put all the way up and it's adorable!
Watch out if you happen to see her right after a nap.  This girl can crank out some bed head like no other!
*You've started this new alarm me of a dirty diaper.  It's pretty funny really. It goes a little something like find me IMMEDIATELY to be changed and hold yourself UNTIL I change it.  Usually, there's several "UH OH's" that follow. You're such a mess.  Smart, but a mess.  Now, if I can get you to tell me a little earlier!

*We have most of our teeth now! Bottom canines and all of your molars...or whatever they are!

*You like Barney, Dora, and Minnie Mouse shows. You'll really watch them for a little longer if it involves snuggle time on the couch with Daddy. For whatever reason, you'll sit still if the situation is exactly that. Otherwise, no way!

*Your favorite thing to do, by far is read books. You are hooked and so very studios! Ha!
You could literally sit in my lap and listen to me read or go through your picture board books for hours if I could do it. You LOVE the tab books where there's a surprise on each page. Your sweet squeals of excitement after every page is the most precious thing-even if it's been 20 times.

*You have mastered cow, duck, horse, and dog sounds. Whew!
*You love to do somersaults! And rocking and rolling all over our king sized bed. You go from one end to the other giggling and falling wildly. Scares me silly!
*We've noticed you're quite the nail picker.  It seems so strange that at this age it would bother you so much to have a hang nail, but it does! When I've noticed there's no sign of Charli anywhere and she's become's because she's found a hang nail somewhere!  She's either investigating her nails or her toes.  No hang nails allowed for this girl!
Love YOU, sweet Char!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Day 2: Magic Kingdom

 I wasn't sure how Day 2 could get any better, but it did!  Magic Kingdom was Uh.Mazing.  I felt like I had a pretty good feel for the Fast Passes and this day we used both our bands and our room keys for rides.  So total, we had 6 Fastpasses which made everything quick and painless really (it took more work figuring out who would stay with Juliet while the rest of us rode, but a lot of rides she just stayed in Laura's carrier.  Usually we did 2 shifts for the rides (if Juliet couldn't ride) splitting my mom and dad up sometimes, but we mixed it up a lot.  We got to the ride and basically got right on....that and the fact that most of the parks were a 2-3 out of 10 (a crowd rating) on the days we were there.  Score!  We started off with the Adventures of Winnie Pooh, Dumbo, the Mad Tea Party, Tomorrowland Speedway, Barnstormer (Ansley's favorite rollercoaster), Ariel's Grotto, Peter Pan's flight, The Haunted Mansion, and more! We watched Mickey's Philharmonic 3D show that the kids adored and while we were near the Barnstormer, we hopped the train. 
It took us all around the park so we could get a better idea of where things were at (not to mention the kids loved it).  We ate lunch at Be Our Guest, but couldn't stay long because it was off to the Pirates of the Caribbean and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad for our fast passes!
Here they are on Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. 
Jason was pretty amazed too :)
Flying Dumbo with the girls.
Tea cups with Dad! Charli and her runny nose....we had several pictures like this. Ha!
Then it was time for some racing!
We passed everyone!
Clearly Ansley has a lead foot!
Our relaxing train ride
Lunch at Be Our Guest.  Yummy!
Love this picture
Charli was set with her sweet ride!
Can you tell Jansen didn't want to stop for a picture? :) These outfits were coordinating thanks to Aunt Laura. 
Cutie patooties
IMG_a5057 IMG_a5058
My mom and dad with Ansley outside of Ariel's Grotto
That evening after a FULL day of fun, we ended the evening with dinner at The Crystal Palace.  We ate a yummy buffet and the kids met all of the Pooh characters. This was the cherry on top of the day.  Those kids BEEMED and SQUEALED when the characters came out and LOVED parading around the restaurant with them!  Jansen was beside himself as his favorite lovey greeted him (he carries a Pooh bear everywhere).  Our cheeks hurt from smiling and laughing so much!    
I think this was Charli's favorite part of the trip!
The girls just kept loving on them!
Parade time!
This sweet little girl helped guide Charli
After dinner, my marathon eater wanted some more snacks so we took a seat during the Christmas party and had a few goldfish.
This was the best family pic we could get.  I think Charli was still looking for food. :)
Magical Day #2.....check!