Friday, April 30, 2010

Dani is doing hair!

My cousin, Danielle is in school to be a hair stylist and this week was family/friends week.  So my Aunt Linda, Ansley, and I went for a haircut.  Well, Aunt Linda was with me to help wrangle Ansley....she is now a busy body, wanting to walk everywhere (with help)!  I needed some major assistance while Dani was cutting, needless to say!
No, Ansley did not get her hair cut!
She just got to sit in the chair and play with the comb
Dani and Anzey

Kyle's B-day!!!

We celebrated my brother's birthday tonight at Texas Roadhouse.  Kyle is 27!  I can't even believe it.  He's not my baby brother anymore.  He actually has his own baby doesn't even seem possible.  Wow.  Happy Birthday Bub!  We love you!
Here's the birthday boy!
And little Kyle...
Jansen, Kyle, Laura and Ansley

Mimi with the babes

Happy Birthday, Kylie!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Weekend in Review (A little late)

It was time for Ansley's 9th month checkup Friday, so we loaded up and visited Dr. Hoffman.  It turns out Ansley is now in the 50% in height and weight, so we've experienced a little bit of a slim down (she was in the 90% in weight last checkup)!  Wish I could say the same!

It was no suprise that Jason couldn't sit still and decided to wheel Ansley around on the rolling stool...she loved it!     

She didn't want to sit still for her height measurements

Friday evening we had dinner with Matt, Kristi, Ryan and Whitney (our kitchen is out of commision and the Ewasko's graciously invited us over...more to come on the kitchen).  We had the best meal!  It was some sort of rice and sausage casserole that has to be in the dinner rotation at the Bandermann house from now on!  Yummy...I'm dreaming of the next time I can have it!

Look at the size difference in Alex and Ansley! 

Ansley loves Marley!
She got lots of kisses!

Saturday was full of fun!  We took Ansley to an Arty Party at the elementary school just down the road from us (Ansley's future grade school).  She loved it!  The party was in the gym and it was set up in stations for the kids to play in all kinds of mediums.  In other words, we left really dirty!  Thank goodness it was all washable!
This is Ansley arriving at the party
First up:  Playdo

Some of my coworkers (Stacy and Nichole) were there too with their kids

Next up: Flour and baby oil
Not many kids wanted to get in, but Ansley didn't care!
Then she started flinging it on the was time to get out after that.

Finally:  Pistachio pudding and milk
There were so many other stations that I didn't get pictures of, but these were definitely her favorites!  Notice Ansley's outfit got a little dirty to say the least!  You can't quite tell from the picture the layer of flour that is covering her entire body...she was stripped from head to toe before getting into the car!  We are for sure coming back next year!

The rest of the day we hung out at home finishing up our kitchen cabinets...ugh.  And then that evening we went to Ryan and Whitney's for dinner.  Ryan fixed ribs that were scrumptious!  This kitchen remodel isn't too bad when you have friends and family who ask you over for yummy dinners! 

These pictures are from Sunday lunch at Pamaw and Pappaw's house after church
(Yes, we had some pretty incredible meals this weekend)
Ansley and Aunt Whitney
Sorry these pictures aren't very good!

Whew!!!  And sorry about the long post too!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Ansley Harper: 9 Months

Huh...deep breath.  Try not to weep, tear up, sob, or do the ugly cry...our baby is 9 months!

*You are waving bye, bye.  You just started this after months of practicing and that little hand just flails so sweetly!

*You have 4 teeth!

*You can get yourself from a laying position to a sitting position with a little twirk we fondly describe as break-dancing...a twist of the legs and a lot of tummy strength and you're up!

*You love to pull up on everything now and you're are all smiles when you do.  You love accomplishing the pull up!

*You sleep mostly on your knees, crouched over in a ball, with of course, your thumb in your mouth.  It is absolutely adorable...sometimes I just sit and stare at you on the monitor.  You are such a beautiful little creature.

*You have started giving kisses.  It melts our hearts!

*You love the Johnny Jump Up at Pamaw's house, you love to swing around and jump like a crazy girl.   

*You attended little Jansen's baptism this month and got to see the Bollinger and Jansen families. In the church, you jabbered the whole time!

*You are also standing by yourself. This started on March 21st at Jansen's baptism party. You decided that Mrs. JoEllen's table was the right height to start balancing yourself and you did it! Then, at Mimi and BB's house you didn't want to stop! We were amazed!

*You are crawling! You started this new venture on March 30th one evening for mommy and daddy. We started laughing because you were crawling and army crawling all in one, through some pretty tight spots. Again, we were amazed!

*At your 9th month appointment you were 50% in height and weight, weighed 19.5 lbs. and had no ear infections (you like to pull on your ears, which worries mommy).

Ansley, 9 months has gone by too fast! Before we know it we will be dropping you off at college :(. Ok, I have to stop...I'm having chest pain.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Our Newest Feat!

Ansley started standing on her own recently and this video was taken on her first couple attempts. She KNOWS she is big stuff now!

Mute my playlist on the left so you can hear our little red-tailed hawk

Thursday, April 8, 2010

He is Risen!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter Sunday!  We had a busy day, but it was full of joy!  He is risen!  My Savior, Jesus Christ died a gruesome death and rose again, so that I may have life abundantly here on earth AND an eternal reward in heaven.  How unworthy I am, but so incredibly gracious for his gift.  Lord, you are amazing!

Here are some other reasons why I am thankful!

Our weekend was so fun!  Ansley got to see the Easter bunny Saturday and we spent some quality time with our families.  Here's the weekend in images... 

She gave him the once-over.

Still not sure....
(Thanks to Clint for braving the bunny suit for Ansley)

Ansley and Teddy Tracey meeting for the first time at Bloom
(They are a week apart)

Ansley pinching little Teddy...eek!

We went for an evening stroll through the neighborhood

She was watching Alleigh play

Standing like a champ

Love those little teefurs!

At the Bollinger family Easter
Discovering Dani's bear

 He looked really snuggly      

At the Bandermann Easter 
Aunt Soni and cousin Molly gave me a swimsuit!
 My first wagon ride with my friend, Taylor
I love Daddy!
And this wagon!'s over for Ansley.


How is it that grandparents allow almost anything from their grandchildren?  Do they care more about their happiness than their own?  I would say so.  Here are a few examples of this. 
Pappaw allowing Ansley to gauge his eyes out
His hair was next (sorry it's so blurry)
BB hunched over walking Ansley around until she had enough

I'm sure he will later need back surgery :)

But for a smile like this...I'm sure any of us would do it! 
Wow! I've been on a little hiatus from blogging for almost two weeks! It feels like forever! I have quite a few things to post...Jansen's baptism, Easter, the list goes on. So here goes...

My little nephew, Jansen was baptized on March 21st and it was quite an eventful day! We traveled to the little town of Leopold (my sister-in-law's hometown) to celebrate Jansen's big day with family and friends. Jason, Ansley and I gave Jansen a frame with the verse...
Train up a child in the way he should go,
And when he is old he will not depart from it.
Proverbs 22:6

If you can't tell the kiddos were over all the excitement :)

Later that day, at Norman and JoEllen's house, Ansley decided to stand on her own.  Yay!  It was so fun to watch her expression when she accomplished this big feat!  At my mom and dad's house, she was unstoppable...she only wanted to stand, no more sitting!  I will have a video soon of her new abilities!  How fast she is growing up!