Monday, June 22, 2015

Hollyn Monroe: 8 Months


*When you jabber, it's usually....dada!  All day, everyday.  Thanks, Hollyn! ;)

*You are the biggest panter!  If you're AT ALL excited, you bring out the pant! (It's like momma and her snorting!)

*You love kisses on your cheeks.  Your favorite time is before nap or bedtime right as we're getting ready to lay you down.  They are my most treasured times of the day with you.  It puts you in a trance and we get a few minutes of uninterrupted snuggles in.

*You love sticking your fingers in our mouths and scratching us with your fingernails.  You have some sharp little talons most of the time. :)

*You wear a size 3 diaper and 12-18 month clothes.  You are so tall and most 12 months are a little too short on you.   

*We call you Dracula.  You got your 2 fangs (eye teeth) in first, just like Charli.  It's quite a sight!

*You've started crawling big girl!! Slow but sure....usually crying all the way, looking for momma!  You're just a touch on the spoiled side!

*You go from sitting up to lying down and back up to the sitting position before I even realize it.  You are pretty mobile!

*Your bald spot finally has a thick coat of hair over it!  Yay!

*You are such a busy and curious thing!  I would venture to say, even more than Charli was!

*We've started you on some different baby foods and you are doing great.  Green beans and squash are your favorites and you pucker up your face with some fruits. :)

*Your big sister's are absolutely in love with you still.  Ansley has been such a great help with you when I need it the most.  She carries you from room to room and "mothers" you in the sweetest way.  Charli loves to sing "Hush little baby" to you whenever you are crying.  She never misses a beat and makes up her own versions!  If you start crying, she starts singing....loudly!

You are such a joy, Hollyn!  We can't imagine life without you in it!