Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sooo Thankful.

We had such a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend! We were able to spend time with all our families, eat lots of yummy food, and had a shopping extravaganza on Friday! It was Ansley's first Thanksgiving, so we tried to take it all in...really appreciate every little moment spent with her. This time last year we were praying for the health of our little baby not knowing how our lives would very soon change for the best. God is so faithful! This Thanksgiving will always be a special one simply because of Ansley. What a blessing she is!
Here are a few pictures from the weekend....

Our little turkey
Aunt LauraUncle K

Loving on great Aunt Linda
Finally I get to see Uncle Kyle again!

This is how I found her on Saturday morning...We finally rolled over all by ourself!
Holding my bottle for the first timeChristmas Parade of Lights
Those big trucks are loud!!

Loving the Christmas tree lights...and daddy.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Ansley's Dedication

Sunday was a great day! Our little Ansley Harper was publicly dedicated at Lynwood with our friends and family along side of us. She was a good little baby as we stood in front of the congregation, but my favorite part was when she decided to rest her little head on my sweet!

Ansley, your daddy and I promise to raise you in a loving Christian household with the hope and prayer that one day you will know and accept the Lord as your personal savior. We love you, Ansley Harper!

Here are a few pictures from her dedication.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Birthday Fun

My birthday was Sunday...the big 28! Woot woot! The birthday celebrations began with Jason taking me to a new fancy smancy restaurant in town, Cain. It was sooo delish and believe it or not, I had lamb! For those of you who know me, you realize that this is huge! I never like to venture out when it comes to food, but I am slowly taking baby steps towards new and unusual cuisines...sushi being one of them ;)! I have to say, this new found urge to expand my taste buds is working out pretty well! So..I digress. The evening was wonderful...the food was amazing and the time spent with Jason was even better! Thanks to my sweet hubby!

Ansley's puckered lip at Pamaw's and Pappaw's house...aww

The birthday celebrations continued on Saturday evening when my bestie, Sheri organized a bonfire at our house. Some of our friends and family joined us in roasting hot dogs and making smores...ahh...smores. It was really fun! I've decided it's going to be an annual bonfire/birthday bash (maybe not on opening day of deer season, though).

Sunday, my actual birthday was pretty nonstop! We went to church, ate with the college ministry, attended a shower for Angi and then went home for some relaxation. Since it was technically my birth day, my mom and dad brought over an ice cream cake. Yay!!! This cake was the cherry on top of it all!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


A few of you know who!

Notice her little hand on my it!

Our little tummy time game

This one melts my heart...Daddy and Ansley

Sing it girl!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ansley Harper: Month 4

You are growing so fast! Has it already been four months?! You are such a joy to watch and we can't ever get enough of you! Here are some highlights from your fourth month:

*You still love to be swaddled, but we call you our little "Escape Artist" or "Houdini" because you always get your arms out! We have learned to swaddle you with your arms out...we finally gave in!

*You have started sucking your thumb and oh my, it is adorable! Every morning we come in to wake you, there you are...your right hand on your head and your left thumb in your mouth. Love.

*You are such a talker! Your favorite place to have conversations is on your changing table...this is where your "tom cat" impression comes out. Raaaarrr!

*You have made your first trip to Chicago (but definitely not your last-there will be many shopping trips to come:) ) to watch your daddy and several others run the marathon. You were such a trooper...just along for the ride. Not many babies would do as well as you did! We hardly heard a peep out of you the whole ride up!

*You have some great baby-sitters (Mrs. Cathy and Mimi). We don't ever worry about you, we know you're in good hands. Mommy calls Mimi about every two hours to talk to you and find out about your day. One of these days I might make it 8 hours without hearing about you!

*You are now intentionally reaching for things in front of you. You love to play and pull on "Larry" the loppy-eared dog and you've started grabbing mommy's face while nursing (I then become a mush).

*You love to blow raspberries! We always find a few bubbles hanging out on your are too cute!

*Bath time is still so much fun for you! You love to splash your little tootsies in your pink tub and you're all grins!

*You are still a great sleeper...almost always 12 hours a night. Your napping about the same, some days you like to cut them to an hour and talk for about a half hour...listening to you growl is music to our ears!

*You are sitting up so good in your bumbo and we've started putting you in the jumperoo. You are such a big girl!

*You have started rolling over...halfway that is.

*You stayed with Mimi & BB and Pamaw & Pappaw while your Daddy and I went to San Francisco. It was over Halloween (this happens to be one year from when we found out about you-Hallelujah!) and you were the cutest pea in the pod anyone has ever seen! You did wonderful while we were away and everyone bragged on what a great baby you were. I will say it again...we are truly blessed.

Jason's Big Deer and Little Dear

Jason and the rest of our families are avid hunters. They love the thrill of the hunt! And when I say hunters...I mean they like hunting everything from deer, duck, turkey and pheasant! It always seems like there's a season in all. the. time. Can you tell I'm over it?! No really, I do enjoy seeing the "evidence" after their tireless efforts, otherwise doesn't it seem like a waste of time? As Jason would say, "Sarah, it's all about the bond and camaraderie that comes from the whole experience" My next comment is usually...."Oh, so you mean like a good shopping trip with friends?" I definitely get the eye roll every time. :)

Jason with his BIG 7-pointer from Illinois and his favorite little dear
My dad and what looks to be my Tom-boy

*This outfit came from Aunt Soni and the hat came from Aunt Debbie cute!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Our Little Pea in the Pod

While Jason and I were in San Francisco this weekend living it up, Ansley was loving life at her grandparents' house. We missed her so much, however, we're pretty sure she didn't even notice we were gone! These pictures are from Mimi & BB's and Pamaw & Pappaw's house...some smiling and some are her "I miss my mom and dad" face :). Yeah right!