Friday, August 14, 2009

Ansley Harper: Month 1 and 2

We are truly blessed! To be honest, I was expecting to be exhausted beyond belief, but surprisingly enough, you are adapting so well to a schedule. You make mommy and daddy so proud! Here are some hightlights from your first and second month:

*You have slept a lot! You are very hard to arouse...just like your daddy!
*You are already on a schedule-yay! You eat every 3 hours, play, and sleep for at least an hour during each interval.
*At 4 weeks, you are already sleeping through the night. You can go to bed at about 10:30 and not wake until about 4:30.
*You have slept in your crib since day 1!
*You love to be swaddled before bed and most naps. It's become your cue to start snoozing.
*My favorite time of the day is waking you up! You make all kinds of funny faces and stretch for about 10 minutes.
*We all think you're boy crazy already. You light up when you see your daddy, your BB, and Uncle Kyle.
*We both have had thrush, which is no fun! After 2 rounds of medicine, we finally kicked it.
*You are 10 lbs. You are very healthy and all cheeks! We love it!
*At your 2 week check up you were 75% in height and 90% in weight.
*You have already been to a wedding (4 weeks old).
*You've made 2 trips to St. Louis with Aunt Sheri and you were so good!
*You are mostly in newborn clothes and some are a little big on you!
*You already have good head control and always want to check everything out.
*You stayed with Pamaw and Pappaw on a Sunday when your Daddy and I went to a Cardinal game. It was the first time away from you and we missed you so much!