Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Our busy and beautiful Saturday of skating with Ansley!

Oh the joy!!!  We took Ansley to Steinberg ice rink in Forest Park for her first skating experience.  I know what you're thinking...she's only 19 months...what in the world are you thinking?!  But I couldn't stand not to!  The weather has been wonderful and there's nothing better than a beautiful day at the outdoor rink at Steinberg!  It is breathtaking and so invigorating!  I could think of a million things I needed to do at home, but who wants to do that on a gorgeous Saturday?!  My long-time friend, Kristen was going with her brother and sister-in-law and their little girl, so I decided we would join in on the fun.  Pam and Rick had decided to go shopping in St. Louis that day too, so we carpooled together.  My parents didn't want to miss Ansley's first time ice skating, so they drove up and straight back(4 hours total) for the skating adventure.  Can you tell they were excited?  She had lots of fan support!
When we arrived, we went straight to getting her little size 7 skates on (the smallest they come in).  It took a little coaxing to get her to put them first she tucked her feet underneath her and refused.  But after watching me lace mine up she had decided that it was ok.  Whew!  I thought we had made a trip to St. Louis for nothing.  When we got her skates all laced up and helped her to her feet, I was seriously giddy!  Now for the true test....would she even get on the ice?  After years of coaching and watching little ones, half of them refused to step on, but not little Ansley!  She was ready and willing!  It was absolute joy to see that little thing skating in those skates!  Well, marching and gliding.  I'm sure it sounds so strange, but I started skating at 2 and continued into my mid was definitely exciting to see my little offspring enjoying it!  We made several laps (me holding onto her hands at first and then eventually holding the hood on her coat.  She would march like I instructed and seriously did not want to get off!  The zamboni needed to clean the ice and she fussed as I lifted her off..."".  Oh my!  We are in for it!
Here are a few pictures that my friend Kristen took during our afternoon.  It was so great to have her there!  It was just like old times...only now, we are old and ache after even the smallest jumps and spins! Ha!  I guess that's what happens!
Our first little round on the ice! Do you understand why my back hurt?
Family pic 
Zea and Ansley  
My friend, Kristen took a few spins with Ansley 

My parents skated too.  I begged Pam and Rick to skate, but they just wanted to watch Ansley.   
           What a day!  I was so proud of my little skater!  I'm sure there will be many more skating days ahead!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Evy Kate's Birthday!

Ansley's little friend, Evy Kate turned 2 and we were able to celebrate her big day.  Ansley was so excited to have a playdate with friends!  She loved all of Evy Kate's fun toys and definitely enjoyed having Evy, Isaac, and Wylie to play with!  They had a great time entertaining each other!
Ashley had her home decorated so cute for the birthday party playdate.  She had made her own mickey mouse ears, big mickey and minnie balloons, and yummy food for all of us!  It was fun to be able to chat with the mommas while the babies entertained each other....ahhh.
Here are a few pictures of Evy's big day...

First stop...Evy's handmade kitchen.  Too adorable!
Then it was tea time.

Cupcake time!  We sang Happy Birthday to the sweet birthday girl and then had some delicious cupcakes!
Ashley and Evy had some friends helping with the presents.
We loved seeing Mrs. Karen and Andrea!
Bro. Mark entertaining the girls on the stairs...this was their favorite place to play!
Ansley did not want to let go of that lipstick!
All the mommies and babies together.  I wish I could show a video of Will in the background trying to get the kids to smile.  It was an absolute riot!  
Krystal and Isaac, Ashley and Evy, Courtney and Wylie and me and Ansley.
What a fun day with friends!! Happy Birthday to Evy Kate!
Kyle and Jansen came to visit us on Wednesday. Both the babes were asleep when Kyle arrived, but we decided to wake them so they could play. Not a good idea at first, until they realized the surprise when they woke! They were so excited to be able to play with each other. Jansen was in to everything and Ansley just kept telling him "Noooowa". She wasn't thrilled about him getting into her stuff. But she finally warmed up to the idea and they ended up playing great!  A couple things I learned...Jansen is super quick (he's very curious!), my house is really not properly baby-proofed, and Ansley is slowly learning to share...whew!
Can you tell how quick he is?!  He's on to the next item of business!
Ansley was somehow able to stop him for a split second to snatch a kiss. 
How sweet is this little hug I captured?!
And this is too much for words...
Loved our surprise visit with Kyle and Jansen!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Sesame Street was a HIT!!!

Last minute we decided to take Ansley to Sesame Street at the ShowMe Center and I'm so glad we did! The little thing was in heaven...rockin' back and forth in her chair to the music. So sweet! And let's just say....she fell in love with Elmo. Eemmmoooo became her new best friend, the stuffed animal that Mimi got for her.  We had fun...I'm sure there's many more Sesame Street shows to come!
 Jason and Ansley with her new best friend