Sunday, August 23, 2015

Hollyn Monroe: 10 Months

You are at such a fun age!  I could snuggle you ALL DAY!

*You are still always smiling, grinning, and cheesing from ear to ear! The only difference is that you have a mouth full of teeth now.  It changes your smile so much! You have the sweetest little gap in between your front teeth and it's so adorable.

*You are quite the fast crawler.  You follow us from room to room....always trying to keep up and stay in the middle of what's going on.  If any of us leave the room for any reason, we get a big "AHHHH" from you to let us know that you don't approve.

*You are the queen of "AHHHH" (that's your word) when you need something or aren't happy with the let us know, just like Charli did.

*You love to jabber momma, dada, and sometimes baba.

*You are always blowing bubbles with your mouth. Lots and lots of raspberries!  However, it's with more vigor than any other kid!  You, with full force, spit wads of slobber all over us and think it's hilarious.

*I can barely keep you on the changing table these days. The struggle is real.

*You have been standing up and pulling up to everything!  It feels like it started happening overnight.

*You love chewing on our flipflops.  You're like our resident puppy around here.  At any given time of day, it's not a rarity to hear one of us say..."Yucky, Hollyn!  Drop it!"

*You like to keep your pointer finger in your mouth and on occasion you might be caught sucking your thumb or toe!

*You have become quite protective of your stuff lately.  You definitely don't let your sister's get away with taking toys away from you anymore.

*My favorite time with you is still our nightly nose nuggles. :)

*You went camping with Mimi and BB by yourself for a whole weekend while we were out of town.  We missed you so much!

*You have a happy growl that we all love, except Charli.  It's pretty loud and she always tells you that you hurt her ears. She obviously doesn't realize that she has only one volume herself. :/

*You've been waving on occasion.  You like the open and close your hand type of wave.  It's so cute.