Monday, September 14, 2015

Hollyn Monroe: 11 Months

Twelve months is so close we can almost taste it!  I can't believe how fast the past couple of months have gone.  I feel like we're really in a good groove these days and I love every second I get to spend with this little cupcake.

*She's all of a sudden found a few binkies around the house and loves to suck on them.  She used to kind of take one, but it's been awhile since we've tried.  This picture proves it.  She's apparently a fan. 

*She's a smacker.  Loves to smack her little lips before a meal and it cracks me up.

*She loves to find mini legos, tiny squinkies, and any other little microscopic toy and put it in her mouth.  She hasn't swallowed anything yet (that I'm aware of), but we've got to keep a real good eye on this girl.  She shoves stuff in and then puts a deadlock on her lips.  She'll try to talk and jabber with her mouth closed, which is always our first sign.  She's got a toy!!!!

*She will also find things on the floor (usually larger in size) that she knows she can't have and in the sweetest way she'll offer them up to us. you go, mom....I'm not supposed to have this.

*She squints her eyes and wrinkles her nose when she smiles.  Presh.  

*She's a good little shopper.  Give her a little item to tinker with and she's good to go!

*I'm not sure that I've ever mentioned this, but she LOVES to hold on to things for comfort while she's nursing.  It may be my shirt, neck, the blanket we're covered in, or my necklace.  She just rubs and rubs and rubs.  LOVE it and I'm going to miss it terribly.    

*We're still nursing and going strong!  I've never been home this much with any of the other girls, so usually at this point we're really winding things down in the nursing department (using a lot of my stored milk), but with Hollyn I'm not so sure.  She's not a big fan of formula these days, so I'm not sure what we'll do at this point. 

*New food love....grapes and blueberries.   

*Your hair is growing so fast and it's starting to curl up in the back.  It is adorable and we can't wait to see if you'll have curly hair like you're big sisters.

*You are standing by yourself more and more!  Cruising has become easier for you too. We're hoping that you start to take a few steps soon!

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