Monday, March 14, 2016

Hollyn Monroe: 16 Months

IMG_a3280 (2)
*You started walking really good right before Christmas! Best Christmas present ever!!!  And now that you're walking, you're practically running!!! 

*You are 23 lbs, and 32.25 inches tall.  You are 50% in weight and 87% in height.  You wear a size 4 diaper and 18-24 month or 2T clothing.  You don't have quite the belly that your sister's always had at this age.  You seem to be a little skinnier in that area and about the same everywhere else.  

*You're always trying to do a somersault.  It's so funny.  For months, you've been trying to roll over and you finally did it! You always bend over and try....with your head tucked down and your arms on the ground, ready to roll....but it's turned into one of those funny things you always do.  Now, you actually roll.  Yay!!  Once you start, you keep going until you're dizzy! :)

*You are still a heavy breather and a smacker right before bed.  It's seriously so funny and just your little "thing" that you do to settle in.  Even the church nursery workers have commented on the point that they actually worried about the heavy sighs you let out when they laid you down.  I've assured them that it's your sleep ritual.   

*You say only a few words clearly, other than mommy and daddy.  "Dank you" is one that we can usually make out, but if it's something other than will sign or point to help us out.  

*You are still taking a bottle because I can't let go of that one thing that still makes you an official "baby".  This month is it though.  Onto a sippy cup and lids/straws only. Tear.....

*You've been sick for several weeks recently with a runny nose and a pretty cruddy cough.  It's been so hard on you.  You have felt pretty miserable lately and you just love to be held.  I can't wait to get my happy and healthy baby back.  

*You're still a stinker when it comes to eating!  You cannot be bought, bribed, or coerced in any way.  No meat, no cheese...."not much of anything" is the name of your game.  Thankfully, you've started eating some mac 'n cheese and peanut butter/jelly sandwiches.  Thank you Jesus we've had a small break thru!!

*You smack your lips together when we ask for a kiss.  It's the sweetest thing ever.  

*We have a new zippidy zip (a less constricting swaddle) that you love.  We zip you up and you can move your hands and feet, but you stay warm and snuggly inside.  It's got a cute little pattern of peacock feathers in turquoise, green, and purple.  It's so cute on you and you love the coziness of it.  

*You LOVE to play peek a boo behind the dining room curtains and hide from me under the table!  It's become a fun little game for you and Charli.

*You love to play with all kinds of bouncy balls.  Ansley is usually playing with either a basketball or soccer ball and you love to join in!

*We can finally get your hair in a top ponytail!  It's your little water spout.  :)  

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