Monday, March 14, 2016

Hollyn Monroe: 14 Months


*You love everything that is soft and snuggly. The minute you realize that there's a possibility that is may feel cozy in some bury your face into it and lie very still for several seconds to snuggle. It doesn't matter if we're here at home or in the middle of'll plop right on to it and bury your face. :)

*You love to take your socks and shoes off in the car. It's a game to see how many times you can do this during multiple stops in the car.  You think it's so funny and then you say...."uh oh!!" Thanks turkey!

*You are quite the cantankerous eater. You don't eat meat of any sort or many vegetables either. You love carrots, green beans-that have been doctored, oatmeal, crackers and bread, and any fruit. That's about it. Feeding a child has never been so stressful for momma.  I know you're getting enough, but I don't want to resort to letting you eat junk just to get something in you.  Hoping this little battle that we have ends soon.
*Your personality is coming out in so many sweet ways. You love to snuggle up to us all of the time, maybe even more than Charli and Ansley combined (both girls love to snuggle). You have also started nodding "no" to us. You're really good at that! I'm really starting to see the smiling baby that you once were. For a bit, we were only seeing a more serious girly.

*A "momma clinger" is not even the best way to describe you. Ha! Some days I think I've created a cling-on monster. I mean that in the nicest way possible!Face with tears of joy 

*My favorite time of the day with you is at bedtime. You are the most loving little thing and we have a sweet bond that happens every night before lying you down.  You nuzzle your head into my shoulder and piled high with all your blankets....I sing Winter Snow to you (a song that I have been practicing for church).  This became your favorite and after I'd start this tune, you'd put your head on me even if you weren't ready for bed yet.

*You have lots of teeth now and you love to brush them (10 that I've counted)!  You are quite the teeth brushing champ. Neither Ansley or Charli liked for us to brush their teeth, but not enjoy it!!  It's one of your favorite things to do.....find your toothbrush in the drawer and brush your teeth.  You even get the toothpaste out and carry them both around the house pretending that you are squeezing toothpaste out.  It's so cute.   

*You and daddy love to play chase. You giggle uncontrollably and it's the cutest thing ever. You also love daddy's animal sounds. Once he starts, he's not allowed to stop!

*You are a busy little bee, Hollyn! You are into everything, love to play with your sisters (when they share), and you make us laugh all the time!

*We dedicated you to the Lord in front of our church family on October 18th.  You were a squirmy little thing on stage as I held you and made a few little cries/grunts, but you looked like an angel.  You are precious in His sight and ours, Hollyn Monroe. We love you so.   

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