Sunday, October 4, 2015

Charli Suttyn: 3 Year Old Update


We have a live one here!  :)  She's a mess.  A totally fun mess that is so different from our first child, Ansley and we love it.  She keeps things lively!  You can see it in her eyes, facial expressions, and the personality that comes out daily.

Here's what Charli is up to these days:

*She is writing her name pretty well!  She of course, needs some help, but she really does a great job if you help remind her which letters come next.  When she does it by herself, the letters are there, but usually a little out of order. :)

*She still has beautiful blonde curls.  Her hair is to die for! When we're out and about we get stopped almost daily with comments about her locks.

*She is full of sass and sometimes an eye roll.  She gets in trouble almost daily for her defiance, but she's so darn cute and it makes it painful sometimes to get onto her!

*She loves Disney princesses, her blankie, and her mouse camper she got for her birthday.

*She adores her sisters and sometimes loves on Hollyn a little too much (Hollyn's standard) and loves to play Barbie's and school with Ansley.

*Her favorite song right now is Kari Jobe's "I Am Not Alone" (something I sang in church), "Watch me whip, watch me Nae Nae", and any Psalty song!  :)  

*She loves to tell me that Jesus died on the cross for us.  She is wise beyond her years.

*She loves to make pictures for us and they are usually beautiful in their own unique way.

*She is actually a pretty decent little artist! She likes to draw butterflies, people, and flowers and they all are pretty good!  Then she says.....flower starts with an F and butterfly starts with a B.  She's a smart cookie.

*She still eats ALL THE TIME! Nothing food related gets past this girl.  If she so happens to hear unwrapping of any food, she'll say...."whatcha eating?" or "whatcha got, Mommy?!".  I always get busted!

*She loves to swim, but is a little more timid than Ansley.  She did great in swim lessons, but we're still using water wings.

*She always mentions that she wants to go back to Disney.  I can't believe she still remembers it!

*She loves to play a little game where we all pick a place to go and we pretend we're actually going there.  It could be Discovery Playhouse, the beach, the movies....the list goes on!  She imagines we're going there and then everything is related to our destination.  It's the cutest thing and I hope she never gets tired of doing this!

*Watching her do her Psalty motions and songs in the car is a highlight of my days.

*She's got one volume.....loud! :)

*She spends the most time in time-out (between her and Ansley)!

*She loves Anna and especially Elsa!

*She loves spending time at the cabin and on the farm.  She another little farmgirl!

*She occasionally slips into our bed at night from time to time.  I think it's mostly her sleep walking or when she starts coughing that causes her to come in.  If I'm awake enough, I put her back in bed but some mornings I am surprised that she's snuggled in next to us.

*Her bed still looks like a crib, but she climbs in and out of it all the time.  She refuses our help and likes to do it herself.  Even in the dead of night, she climbs out (thankfully with no injuries) by herself.  Sometimes we find her sleep walking too.  It's probably about time we take the side off of her bed, but we're afraid where we may find her! :)

*Ansley is affectionately called "Answay" and Hollyn is "Howyn"

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